How to Draw the Misfits Fiend Skull, Letters

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Okay I tried to make this tutorial as simple as possible. You will start this first step by drawing a few horizontal lines to help position the letters as seen here. Once you get the lines drawn out you can start filling them with the the letters th   


Now as you see you will start outlining the letters using a rugged stroke to make the letters look almost like scribble. When you are done with the letters you an start drawing out the face of the fiend skull. First you will draw the shapes of the ci   


As you can see you will continue to draw out the outlining shape of the letters as shown you should be finishing off the "M" and adding the bottoms to the "S, F, and S". Next you will start drawing the forehead line and then add the two slightly open   


You have finally reached step four and you know what that means right? Correct, you are two steps away from being finished. You will tackle this step by finishing off most of the letters and drawing in the "I" between the "M" and "S". You will also f   


Welcome to your final step which is step five. You will now thicken and define the letters and then finish off the teeth as shown to you here. Start erasing the guidelines that you drew in step one and you are done.


Tada! You did it! You have just completed this tutorial on How to Draw the Misfits Fiend Skull, Letters step by step. Color in the skull and that is it.

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October 7, 2008

Description: Okay well this next tutorial is going to be on a band logo as requested by one of the DragoArt members just yesterday. I chose to do this particular one because I thought it would be a quick one to do since it was just a skull and some letters. Boy was I wrong. Once I started the tutorial I realized that it wasn’t as easy as I thought it was gonna be. The first hard thing was to get the skull to look like it was decade and old and giving the eyes a dazed look at the same time. And the second difficult task was the letters. The edges of the letters had to look like they are some what grungy, old and torn. But all in all I think I did a pretty good job. So now that I did my part, it is your turn to learn how to draw the misfits skull and letters. Now I only heard a few songs by the Misfits and they are pretty cool. But when I mentioned to my parents what tutorial I was doing they got all excited because it is a band from their day. Now most of the info I am about to write about the band cam from the mouth of my mother so if any of it seems incorrect you can blame her. 8-) Now as she tells me the Misfits is a band that came out of New Jersey thirty years ago from a small town called Lodi. The year was 1977 and the punk era was growing strong. The band was formed by an individual that some may know and his name is Glenn Danzig. He was the singer/songwriter that formed the band with the very first members which were Jimmy Battle on the guitar, Manny Martinez on the drums, Diane DiPiazza on the bass and Glenn Danzig was on the piano and of course vocals. Before forming a full formed band he would practice for weeks until he had a sound that he wanted to introduce into the public and to focus on. After a short while from playing a few practices, two band mates left the band DiPiazza and Battle. With the leaving of two came two more. To replace Diane who played bass, he got a young star football player called Jerry Caiafa or Only. There was just one problem with his bass playing talent; he had only been playing for a few months. But nevertheless Danzig wanted him so he offered to teach him how to play. Over time the only real members that remained was the star football player and band creator Glenn Danzig. But before the band started to fall the three cut their first single called Cough/Cold. The Misfits stayed playing gig after gig and at the same time they were experimenting with their sound. What really gave them their idea to start a punk style band was influenced by “The Damned” and “The Ramones” who were two very popular punk bands. Now that they have an idea what they are gonna gear their music sound to, the band decides to loss the keyboard and bring in another guitarist named Franche Coma. Now that Glenn was of the keys, he played the part of a punk front man while he sang. During the end of 1977, the Misfits decide to let go of Martinez and replace him with Jim Catania or “Mr. Jim”. Over time Danzig went his way and Only took over. The Misfits of today consist of three band members named Jerry Only, Dez Cadena, and ROBO. The style of Only’s hair has been apart of their signature appearance as well as the famous Fiend Skull. They did a run with Glenn Danzig from 1977 to 1983 and from 1995 to the present day it is Only that is the only original member. Their sound is considered as being “horror punk” and they got their sound from the inspiration of low budget horror and sci-fi movies. I like the few songs I’ve heard by the Misfits and my parents stand by them 100%. This tutorial will show you how to draw the Misfits Fiend Skull and letters step by step. I will be back in a while with more to draw so stay tuned.

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