How to Draw Thanksgiving Snoopy


Make a circle for the head and another smaller shape for the body. Add facial guides and proceed to step two.


Next up, draw in Snoopy's pilgrim style hat and be sure to add the buckle in the front and the band around the rim.


Snoopy is going to be drawn from the side view so know this, begin to draw the snout and or nose as well as the neck back of head and ear. add his smile too.


Draw and color in the nose which is the small round circle at the tip of his snout, then color in an eye and the black patch on his ear. As you can see the patch covers almost the whole ear.


Next up, you will draw out the shape of Snoopy's small body then draw the arm, hand or paw and then the tail end of the jacket. Make sure to add the folded collar as well.


Next up, draw the shoes in the form of clog like shoes. Add the buckle and strap on the top, then add detailing to the shorts.


Draw in the other shoe which is subtly showing.


And lastly draw the platter that Snoopy is holding which holds the Thanksgiving turkey as he serves it to his close friend Woodstock. Erase the mistakes then you are done.


Here is the line art for Snoopy when you are all done. Now you can grab some coloring tools to bring some life to Snoopy.

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November 12, 2017

Description: I know Thanksgiving is right around corner for the United States, (November 28th to be exact) and because of this I wanted to make a couple lessons over this upcoming week on some stuff that is Thanksgiving related. What better way to start such a lesson then to do one on "how to draw Thanksgiving Snoopy", step by step. I'm sure many of you have seen Snoopy dressed up as a pilgrim as he passes a turkey plate over to Woodstock who is dressed like an Indian or Native American. I love how Snoopy came out and if I had more time I would have added Woodstock too. Maybe I'll make a tut on Woodstock as an Indian for another tut. Anyways I hope you all enjoy your upcoming holiday as you give thanks to those who have helped you and to those who you never met before. Peace to all.

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