How to Draw Terrance and Phillip, South Park

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Make two oval shaped for their heads like so. As you see both are tilted.


Next, draw the tops of their hair which is in a sort of lightning bolt style.


Thicken the lining for their heads but make sure that the head to the right is only half.


Lastly, draw out the bottom part of Phillip's face and then draw the mouth line for Terrance. Color in the eyes like so, then you are ready to clean up the mistakes.


This is what your two Canadian characters look like when you are all done. Color them in and you're done.

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June 27, 2012

Description: Surprisingly I totally forgot to make a tutorial on one of the two popular faces from South Park. They are not from South Park Colorado, instead these two knuckle heads are from Canada. Today I will be showing you "how to draw Terrance and Phillip", step by step. As you know Terrance and Phillip are hated by all of South Park because they are Canadian. They have their own television show called the The Terrance and Phillip show which is enjoyed by Kyle, Cartman, Stan and of course Kenny. Terrance has black hair while Phillip has blonde. They are both from different parts of Canada; Terrance is from Toronto and Phillip is from Montreal. The reason why these two individuals where created for South Park is because in the beginning, folks made complaints that the show was all about fart jokes and nothing else. So, the duo (Trey Parker and Matt Stone) created two characters and gave them their own television show in the animated series in an attempt to show people what a show would really be like if it where just all about fart jokes. Nowadays, these two guys are popular and even though we would love to hate them, we adore them instead. Well that's it, enjoy drawing Terrance and Phillip and I will be back soon.

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