How to Draw Taylor Swift

Artist: Dawn / March 30, 2010

Step 1.

This is going to be a relatively easy tutorial to follow. Remember, your beginning shapes and lines should be as big as you want your sketch to be. Let's begin shall we? Start with a circle for the shape of her head and then add the facial guidelines   

Step 2.

Now you can start sketching out the beginning lining for her eyes, and incorporate the nose along with them as well.

Step 3.

Taylor Swift has squinty looking eyes, so you will not be drawing a wide eyed girl, only a bright eyed girl. Finish drawing Taylor Swift's eyes, and then color in the area for her pupils. Add some lashes, and then some light detailing or definition u   

Step 4.

Before you go to town on sketching out her pretty wavy looking hairstyle, you will need to sketch her face shape including the chin and jawline. Once this is done you can add the bottom lip, and eyebrows. Now you can sketch her hair out using a wavy    

Step 5.

Now you can finish sketching out her hair, and then begin to carefully erase the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your portrait drawing of Taylor Swift. That's it.

Step 6.

Add some shading to her face, neck and hair, and then you're all done. You can choose to color in the drawing, or leave the portrait as a pencil sketch, that's totally up to you. Well, I know this has been a long awaited lesson for some of you Taylor   

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Sketching faces is something that I have been trying to practice on a daily basis. Even though I don't submit my sketched work all the time, I do still have plans on getting some rough drafts finished, and uploaded pretty soon. Today is an example of one of the sketches that I drew a few days ago, and it's on a singer/songwriter that just recently had a sold out show at the Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts. I'm going to show you "how to draw Taylor Swift", step by step in the easiest way possible that I know of. My sister has been listening to her music a lot, and I guess that's cool if you like country songs. As for me, I'm more into an older genre style of music that is uplifting, and not so much about love, school, and boyfriends. But if you knew why she sings about this stuff you would understand why Taylor Swift sings about such things. She was born to Scott and Andrea Swift in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania on December 13, 1989, which would make her about twenty one years old. As a young child she won a contest for a three page poem she wrote while she was in the fourth grade. Let's see, if most kids start school around five, that means she was about ten years old when she was in the fourth grade right? Apart from writing poems, she was already writing her own songs, as well as singing. It became obvious that Ms. Swift had a natural talent, and because of this she traveled to Nashville to drop demo tapes at every record label located in the area. On the demo was her singing assorted Karaoke songs. Unfortunately for young Taylor, she was rejected by every label. This event didn't change her ambition to become a singer. I mean, she even learned how to play the guitar from a computer repairman. From learning three cords, she taught herself how to play a twelve string guitar. Her main reason for the types of songs that she writes and or wrote, is because she had a difficult time in school with other kids, and not fitting in. So, in order to deal with the pain, and frustration, she used her skills as an outlet. Having said that, let's get back to how she became famous. After Taylor and her family returned from their trip to Nashville, she was approached and invited to sing at the U.S. Open tennis tournament. Because she sang the national anthem with such a sweet, soft sounding style, she started to draw a lot of attention. Soon after when she was fourteen, her family thought it would be best to move to Nashville so that their daughter can pursue her dreams of a gentle singer. By the time 2006 rolled around the seventeen year old blond bomb shell hit number 6 on the Billboard country charts with the song “Tim McGraw”. Later she released her first debut album called “Taylor Swift”, and from there she grew. But what makes fans love her music so much? Well, I guess you can say that it's her songwriting style. She sings these songs that relate to almost every teenage girl. She once stated that when she writes and sings her songs, it's like pages from her diary being shared with the world. I'm sure you fans know that she used to date Joe Jonas right? Well her song “Forever& Always” is based on the relationship she shared with him, and as for her newer hit “Fifteen”, yup you guessed it, it's based on her experience through her freshman year. Anyway, if you are reading this description you must obviously be a fan of her music, which then means you already know half the stuff I wrote about. What you can do though is follow this lesson on “how to draw Taylor Swift", step by step. Once you accomplish this feat, you will truly be a full blown fan. I will be back in a bit people. Have fun, and like always keep your minds clean, and knowledgeably active. Don't forget to rate, comment and link.