How to Draw Speed Racer

Artist: Dawn / April 24, 2008

Step 1.

In this step what you will need to do is draw out the guidelines and shapes to Speed Racer's head and hand. Start by drawing a big round circle with facial guidelines inside. Next you can sketch out the beginning lines for his eyebrows. Now from the    

Step 2.

In this step all you will be doing really is drawing out his face and hand. Start by sketching out his hair that pokes through under his helmet, then draw the inner lining of the helmet as shown. Next draw his big beautiful eyes and his mouth that ha   

Step 3.

Now what you will do here is first draw in the lid to his helmet and detail the shape of it by drawing a line on the side which will give some dimension to the shape. Next draw Speed Racer's little pointy nose and a line for his chin. Now you are rea   

Step 4.

Here you will be detailing the rest of Speed Racer by drawing some defining lines and giving him the rest of his eyebrows and pupils. Draw out his helmet on the top a bit better and detail hos hand as shown. Add a couple of eyelashes and and the M on   

Step 5.

This is what your Speed Racer should look like when you are totally done. Cool huh. That was so easy it makes me want to do it again. Well all you have to do is color him in and he is ready to hit the race track. That will conclude this tutorial on h   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 24, 2008
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Description: This is going to be a tutorial on a character that has been around for a while and has a movie coming out within the next month on May 9th. Today you will be learning how to draw Speed Racer. This was a fun character to draw because he was so easy. I was going to draw a full length version of Speed Racer’s character but then I thought “well he is never really out of his car” so this is what I did, a full head shot with him waving to you all. But the real question is “who is Speed”? Well, the answer is simple; Speed Racer is a young man that lives his life in the fast lane, he also enjoys living the good life. Having a father that developed the Mach 5, it’s hard to believe your not great in some way, besides if you were a kid wouldn’t you brag about something that cool, that your dad invented the most futuristic car in the entire world. Speed Racer wasn’t just given the rights to the Mach 5, like every other person he had to prove that he was responsible enough to handle the awesome creation that would later be his own. After his brother Rex ran away from home, he was handed down the right to be the driver of the Mach 5. Now because he was handed down the birthright to continue the family legacy, Speed was always working hard to prove that not only was he responsible at a very young age, but he was also indeed a professional race car driver. Accompanied at times aboard the Mach 5 are his little brother Spritle and his pet chimp Chim Chim, but they do this without Speed knowing, you see they sneak inside the trunk of the Mach 5, and they always seem to help Speed out of a jam when it is time for him to save the day. Yes, that’s right Speed Racer is some what of a hero as well. The one person that Speed competes with and people say he is a danger behind the wheel is Racer X. Speed Racer and his family don’t know it, but Racer X is a lot closer to them then they think. He conceals his real identity behind his mask because he doesn’t want Speed or anybody else for that matter to find out that he is in fact Speed’s older brother Rex. This tutorial is fun and colorful; you will learn how to draw Speed Racer step by step with super easy instructions. I hope you have on your race car journey while learning how to draw one of the most popular anime characters around, Speed Racer.