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How to Draw Servine from Pokemon

Artist: NoobSaibot8899 / August 12, 2013
How to Draw Servine from Pokemon

Step 1.

Start off by drawing out the outline of Servine's head. The back of the head bulges out. On the top should be a pointy area. Servine has a beak like mouth, so curve it to make it look right.

Step 2.

Now draw out a curved L shaped line on the top of the head. Then draw another curved line similar to the shape of the head, with a sharp edge right above the nose. Make sure the line is thicker when it is turning down.

Step 3.

Draw a molecular sized line near the nose for the nostril. Near the rigid edge of the curved line you just drew, draw a curved line that leads to the top middle of the head. Then inside draw a giant iris.

Step 4.

To finish up the head, draw a deep curved line right below the eye to make your Servine happy as a pumpkin. Then draw a vertical oval in the iris to make a pupil that is looking at you.

Step 5.

Now draw out the outline of the banana shaped body. It should be thicker near the torso area, but lean near the back and the neck. Then draw a line following the shape of the body from the line you previously drawn to shape the belly. Don't worry, yo   

Step 6.

Now draw out the curvy lines near the upper torso. Make sure you give it a V like shape that is curved on the front. On the side that is less visible, give it a thick but shorter line. Make sure it curls on the end. Erase any lines that overlap (mark   

Step 7.

Now draw out two three edged leaves on the back or Servine. The one on the top in bigger then the one below it. They don't need to be symmetric. On the end should be Servine's tail. It almost looks the leaves on the back, but longer.

Step 8.

Now draw out the very tiny hands of Servine. The fingers should be smaller to bigger as they go down. The hand on the less visible side should be smaller. Near the belly area of Servine should be a wave shaped line.

Step 9.

To finish of Servine, draw out the boot shaped feet it has. On the leg that is closer to you should be erased because it is overlapping the line, but not the leg on the other side. The one on the other side should be barely smaller then the leg close   

Step 10.

Alright! You have completed this tutorial on how to draw Servine! You can leave your drawing in black and white, or you can color it. If you missed any parts, use this step for reference.

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Artist: NoobSaibot8899
Date Added: August 12, 2013
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Tags: how to draw pokemon
Description: Hello there, I will be teaching you how to draw Servine from the game "Pokemon Black and White" Servine is the 2nd evolution of the grass starter, Snivy. This tutorial is very special because it is the first tutorial I made in Adobe Photshop Elements 11, along with my Bamboo Sensor pad. Servine appears in the Anime and Manga series or Pokemon. When i played Black and White 2, i choose Snivy. After the evolution of Servine comes Serperior. Boy, Servine is also a very quick pokemon as well. Servine is both brave and nobel when it faces opponents that outsize it. Servine is really cool pokemon in my opinion. I hope you guys enjoy! :)