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How to draw Mega Lucairo, Pokemon

Artist: NoobSaibot8899 / August 20, 2013
How to draw Mega Lucairo, Pokemon

Step 1.

To start out with Mega Lucario, draw out this circle shaped head with a sharp nose on the right side of it.

Step 2.

Now draw out two triangular ears on the top of Mega Lucario's head. The middle of the ears should be a small line. Make Sure you make the left ear a little bit bigger compared to the right ear. This part is important, on the left ear, erase the top o   

Step 3.

After you drew Mega Lucario's ears and erased the lines on his head, draw out the tattoo looking marks shown in the picture. Notice that the area where the mark is thick is where the eye will be.

Step 4.

Now draw small triangular like marks in the ears of Mega Lucario. On the left ear should overlap the previous part you just drew, erase whatever it overlaps. On the right ear, draw the peak of the triangular mark.

Step 5.

Now draw the intimidating eyes along with a nasty frown with the eyebrows showing Mega Lucario's aggressive look.

Step 6.

Now draw a small curved line in the eye of Mega Lucario, and a big circle for his or her pupil. On the sides should be Mega Lucario's bushy hair. Draw two short strands on the left side, and three long strands on the right.

Step 7.

Now that you are done with Mega Lucario's head and hair, draw the neck along with two strands of fur on the left, and one longer strand on the right side.

Step 8.

To make Mega Lucario's upper torso, draw out more triangular shaped strands of fur. The left side should be short and stubby, while the right side should he three strands of fur on the right. IMPORTANT: Make sure you erase any part your triangles ove   

Step 9.

Now draw out the mid and lower torso area of Mega Lucario, you may notice that the area near the chest has a circular like area in them, keep it like that because that is where his arm will be. Then sprout out the lower body area with seven strands o   

Step 10.

As I mentioned before with the shape of the body, draw out two oval shaped shoulders on Mega Lucario. On the right side, add a circle into it, on the left side however, should be another nail shaped mark. Then draw outline of the weaving arms. On the   

Step 11.

This step might be a little difficult. I would prefer drawing the tattoo like marks, and then drawing the spikes on the hands and wrist. On the right side, whatever the spikes overlaps you erase.

Step 12.

You are complete with the arms of Mega Lucario, now draw out the muscular legs of him. Notice that the right leg is pointing straight at you and the left leg is facing to the side.

Step 13.

Ok, on the left leg, draw two small curved lines on Mega Lucario's foot, then a medium and small sized spike on his leg. Whatever it overlaps you erase. On the right leg, put three bumps on the foot and two curved lines that mirror each other. Above    

Step 14.

Just like the arms, draw out the tattoo like lines all around Mega Lucario's legs. Try giving it different curves to make it look better.

Step 15.

To finish out the last body part of Mega Lucario, draw out his bushy tail. If you look right under his legs, there is a small portion of his tail, keep that in mind. On the end should be spikey strands of fur

Step 16.

This is the final step, and possibly the easiest, all you need to do is draw out little lines near the parts where Lucario's strand of fur meets.

Step 17.

You are complete with this tutorial! If you missed any parts or want to see if yours turned out good, use this step.

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Artist: NoobSaibot8899
Date Added: August 20, 2013
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Tags: how to draw pokemon
Description: Hello everybody, Today I will be teaching you how to draw Mega Lucario from the upcoming game, Pokemon X and Y. Before I give you a run down, I want to give Dawn a big thank you for letting me do this tutorial since she did the other Mega Forms of Pokemon. Now, Mega Lucario is a comfirmed Pokemon that will be in Pokemon X and Y. It is unknown that this form of Lucario is another form either changed from form to form like Deoxys, or another evolution from a specific item. Lucario is a pretty cool Pokemon in my opinion, it think it is really cool how he gets another form. I don't know anymore information of the new forms, but I hope you guys and grils enjoy! :-)