How to Draw Salad Fingers

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Start this step by drawing out the circle shape for the head and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw guidelines for Salad Fingers arms, legs and fingers.


Using the facial guidelines you drew in the first step, you will draw out the big circle shapes for his eyes and then darken the circle as you see here. Next draw bag lines under the eyes and then draw out his low hanging mouth and teeth. Start sketc   


You will sketch out the shape of Salad Fingers head which is not a perfect circle. Once you do that give him some eyeballs and then finish drawing out the shape of his long torso. You will complete the arms and right hand and then move onto the next    


Here is you final drawing step and I know you know what you have to finish. Sketch out the fingers on the left hand and then draw out the legs and shoes. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one and move to the last line art step   


Here is what your Flash cartoon character should come out looking like when you are done. All you need to do now to complete this lesson on "how to draw Salad Fingers", is color him in.

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July 8, 2009

Description: Well here is something different for a tutorial. I was watching some Youtube cartoons and Salad Fingers was one of them. Salad Fingers is an animated flash cartoon created by a British cartoonist named David Firth. Salad Fingers was introduced to pop culture internet media in 2004 and gained rapid popularity by 2005, only a year later. The character portrayed in the Flash cartoon is a nice guy that has no friends. I love his voice because it is so calming and has no tone of violence whatsoever. The creepy thing about the cartoon is not only the character Salad Fingers, but the eerie music that is played in the background as well as the setting. Although you almost always see the character alone, he really does enjoy meeting new people but unfortunately his friends consist of three finger puppets called Hubert Cumberdale, Marjory Stewart-Baxter, and Jeremy Fisher. His appearance is creepy as well as I said before, he is bald has a mild greenish color, wears almost a turquoise green colored shirt and black or blue pants. His body is very lanky and his fingers are very long. I really do love the cartoon and David Firth is a genius for creating him and making Salad Fingers so incredibly addictive. He also has other Flash cartoons as well and they can be checked out on his website I hope you enjoy this tutorial on “how to draw Salad Fingers” step by step. Peace out and keep it real people.

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