How to Draw Sakura Easy

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Here you will begin by making a simple circle and then sketch in the facial guidelines.


AS you draw out the shape of Sakura's face, you will also incorporate the arched bangs. Some of the hair falls on Sakura's cheek as you can see here to the right hand side.


Using the facial guidelines that you made in step one, start the process of drawing Sakura's pretty big eyes. The top lids should be very bold and thick. There should also be lashed added as well. Draw the eyeballs and color in small pupils. You will   


Now that Sakura's face is all set, we can focus on getting her hair drawn out. Start above the points of each arch from her bangs, and the begin drawing her short straight locks. There is chunks and points that needs to be added as well as some of he   


Here you will draw out her ribbon like so, and then draw in the shape of Sakura's neck. Once that is all done, you can finish this Naruto character off by drawing the high collar, and some of her shoulders. When you feel like your drawing is ready fo   


Now that you are all done, you can color in your works. Show everyone the awesome job you did with drawing Sakura.

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May 13, 2012

Description: Here's a face that you guys may remember. I told you I was going to be submitting characters from Naruto, and all of them will be easy. Up next I have "how to draw Sakura easy", step by step. I love her name because as you know 'Sakura' is the same name given to the cherry tree. Sakura has pink hair and green eyes just like the sakura tree. Her character in the Naruto series is just as important as Naruto's. In the beginning Sakura had some strong feelings for Sasuke. Of course these feelings where apparent in the early Naruto years, and I think some of the reasons why Sakura liked Sasuke is because he was good looking, he had this charming personality, as well as an awesome attitude. If you remember, Sakura used to work really hard in trying to make her feelings known to Sasuke. Later in the series she started liking Naruto and eventually stopped picking on him. They also grew to be good friends, and even though Sakura confessed that she loved Naruto, he knew that she was lying. Deep down Sakura loves Sasuke and she always will. Unfortunately Naruto's feelings remain the same for a while. I think this is going to be one of those lessons that makes you go and either pickup the manga, or watch the anime of Naruto again. Well, that's about it. I have to get busy with uploading more lessons for your enjoyment. Adios people and have fun.

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