How to Draw Ruffles

Artist: PuzzlePieces / November 11, 2010

Step 1.

First we'll look at the different types of ruffles that you see in fashion throughout the years. We'll go from top to bottom, left to right. Top Left is a loose unkempt ruffle. It's created when a very tight short hem is made in a lightweight or shee   

Step 2.

Now we'll practice our ruffles. We'll start out with the bases for clothing that you would normally find them on. We're going to to a ballerina's costume and a cute lolita dress.

Step 3.

Next we'll draw the basic shape of where we're going to put the ruffles. On the ballet costume, we're going to messy loose ruffles for sleeves and a tight neat ruffle for the skirt, aka, a tutu. For the sleeves, we'll just draw loose fitted t-shirt l   

Step 4.

Next we'll sketch in the ruffles. For the messy ruffles you can go in any order you like, giving them an unkempt look. For the neat ruffles, alternate the direction they're going in, keeping them neat and even. Adding lines that go up towards the ori   

Step 5.

Now you're ready to outline. And there you have it, quick, easy and simple ruffles. I hope it helps and I wish you luck!

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Description: Here is a quick and easy guide on how to draw ruffles in just a few simple steps!