How to Draw Rosa Parks

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Start the lesson off like you do every time you draw a face. Make a large shape for the head and or face like so, then sketch in the facial guides.


Begin sketching out the shape and structure of her face. As you can see we are drawing Rosa in a 3/4 view style. Sketch in the shape of her ear, and define her cheeks.


Now we will begin drawing out the face starting with the eyebrows. One eyebrow is darker than the other, but they are basically the same. Sketch out her nose, then proceed to step four.


Continue to work on her face by sketching out her eyes. The thick lining and dark pupils should be prominent. Next, add detailing around the eyes.


The next thing we will do is sketch out her mouth and or lips. Lastly for this step all you have to do is define and detail her face. This includes the crease lines around the nose and mouth.


You will now sketch out her hair style which is well detailed and defined. You should be able to notice the texture in the hair with the detailing.


Once you have sketched out the shape of her neck, as well as the shoulders and clothing, you are finished with your drawing.

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February 4, 2013

Description: There comes a time when something in us all sparks a flame that can't be burnt out. Up next we will learn "how to draw Rosa Parks", step by step. Back in those days everything was in order and anyone who did otherwise would be tried or beat. Rosa Parks is a woman who became a rebel, a leader, an out spoken and courage individual that will be remembered for all time. Some call Rosa Parks the mother of the freedome movment because of what she did. So, what exactly Rosa Parks famous for? Well, she defied the law and went against athority by not giving up her seat on the bus to a white person who didn't have a seat. This is when racial segregation began it's end. So many people where started to stand up for their rights and in the end they won. Drawing Rosa Parks is a great way to say once again, NO and stand up for freedome. Don't be oppressed anymore, just life your lie in a harmonious manner. I will be back in a bit with more fun for you all. Peace out people.

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