How to Draw Quickforce, Monsuno


Begin by drawing a small head shape and then make the guidelines for the body and hooves.


Start drawing the bird like face structure of Quickforce. Notice how the forehead is pointed and mound like. The beak looks very much like a parrot beak.


Draw the Horns which are long and edgy. Sketch in the detailing marks on each horn, and then draw the eye, and plate like armor on the forehead. Sketch the inside of the mouth and then around the eye.


Okay, here is another step and as you can see you will be drawing some of the upper part of the body. Draw the thick horse like neck, and then draw the first leg which is also horse like. There is a three layered plated armor on the shoulder of Quick   


Draw some wide V like stripes on the neck, and then draw the diamond or jewel like pieces on the leg. Notice that the hoof has jewel like nails. Sketch in detailing on the armor and move to step six.


Next, continue to draw the body and as you can see you will draw the stomach, hind leg, hoof, and more body armor.


Draw the other back leg and then draw the long tail which is not full of hair like a horse tail. Add more detailing on the chest as well as on the hoof.


I know this may seem like a lengthily tutorial, but it's well worth it because Quickforce is a cool looking character even if he is a Monsuno monster. Draw the other and last leg as well as the jewels on the leg and hoof. Sketch in all the detailing    


All you have to do now is draw the nicely layered mechanical looking wings. Remember, Quickforce is a bird as well so this is why you have to draw the wings in the way you see them. Add detailing and clean up your drawing.


All done guys. Now you can color him in to perfection. I hope you enjoyed this long tutorial on drawing Quickforce.

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February 24, 2012

Description: Finally, the last lesson based on a character from Nickelodeon's Monsuno. I decided to make this character because I already submitted Bren. Here we have "how to draw Quickforce", step by step and because this is a Monsuno monster, there isn't too much to say. All I know is that Quickforce is Bren's Monsuno, and he is a cross between a parrot and a horse. Some of the positive traits that Quickforce has is his heroic personality, he is fast, crazy, and because he is half parrot, he has the ability to glide. Quickforce may be a little difficult to draw, but I'm sure you will do a great job as you tackle this lesson. I guess that's about it, have fun and be sure to let me know if you liked this lesson, and if you happened to watch an episode of Monsuno.

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