How to Draw Puff Puff Humbert, Your Favorite Martian


Let us begin by drawing the head guide for Puff Puff, and as you can see it is sort of egg shaped. Sketch in the facial guideline and then proceed to step two.


Next, draw in the oversized looking eyeglasses like so, and as you can see these glasses are very simple to make because they can be drawn just by making a straight line across the top, and two hoops over each eye with the bridge in the center.


For step three, you will draw in the trim or framing for the eyeglasses, and then color in the eyes which look like comma marks. Draw the simple nose and then give Puff Puff a great big smile.


Thicken the lining you drew in step one to form the face, and then draw the left ear as well as his spiked hairline. You will end this step by adding detailing inside of the ear, and then give him some eyebrows.


Puff Puff is holding his mic up to his viewers so let's go ahead and draw the simple cupped hand like so. You will draw the handle for the mic in later steps but for now let's just get the mitten style hand drawn.


Draw his arm in the form of a baggy long sleeve. Notice how there is very little detail because this is a very simple character concept.


Now you can draw the handle for the mic and then draw the phone part as well. Add some detailing dots, and then finish drawing the spiky hairstyle which is sort of long. End this step by drawing the other ear and add detailing inside of it as well.


Finally let's finish off Puff Puff by drawing the neck, and the rest of his upper body. Do this easily by drawing the left shoulder first, and then draw the collar which is wrapped around the neck. Add some creases and or folds like so. Clean up your   


Here is the finished drawing. Now you can color him in to perfction. I hope you enjoyed drawing Your Favorite Martian star, Puff Puff Humbert.

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March 20, 2012

Description: So a lot of people have been asking me to make a tutorial on a certain character that is very popular on Youtube. He has brown hair, wears glasses and usually wears a read hoodie or sweater. After considering whether or not to make the tut, I went ahead and decided that “yeah, I should”. So here it is "how to draw Puff Puff Humbert", step by step. Even though I don’t know what the deal is with this the whole concept, I can see why it would be popular. Puff Puff Humbert is a part of ‘Your Favorite Martian” or YFM. Your Favorite Martian is a channel on Youtube that has over 1.9 million subscribers. The series of music videos was created by Ray William Johnson as well as other members, and so far they have been doing very well with their parody type music videos. The band members are of course Puff Puff Humbert which is the singer, DeeJay works the turntables, Benetar is the guitarist and keytar player, and Axel Chains plays the drums. If you want more of these characters made into tutorials, just let me know because they are pretty easy and fun to recreate. For now I guess just have a blast with drawing Puff Puff Humbert from Your Favorite Martian. I shall return with more drawing fun in a bit so stay tuned in.

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