How to Draw Primal Groudon


Make a series of shapes and align them to form the workable frame for your Pokemon.


Here you will draw the shape of the head, add some small spikes on the head, then draw the jaw and outlined shape for the eye.


Add the grooves down the head and then draw the upper and lower teeth. Add a small cone like spike on the side, then you are done.


Okay, add the shape for the body and then draw the thigh for the hind legs.


Add the shoulder, then draw the massive shape of the forearm. Add the grooves for the finger which will later be added during step six.


Add the long pointed claws, then draw in the design pattern on the forearm.


Start drawing the right arm as well as the thumb nail.


You will now draw the three other clawed fingers like so. Once that is done add more detailing to the body, then draw plates on the forearm.


Begin drawing the small shapes all over the back of the body and then some spikes on the side of the shell like back.


Draw the right leg, then draw in all of the toe nails which are also spiked cones.


Primal Groudon has a massive square shapes tail that has three larger spikes on the edge.


Add more spikes with some being larger then others along the top and right side edge of the tail.


Make some horizontal stripes flowing on the tail, then you have finished drawing Primal Groudon's tail.


Lastly, make the marks on the front parts of the legs. When that is done you can start erasing the mistakes and guides.


The line art comes out looking like the drawing you see here. Color it in and show off your skills.

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November 9, 2014

Description: I swear, if I didn't have members and visitors requested lessons of their favorite characters, I wouldn't know about almost half of the different types of Pokemon out there. That statement holds true to this lesson on "how to draw Primal Groudon". For those that don't know about this new species, I will try to tell you about him in the same way I interpreted it from my sister. Groudon is just a new species that is in the extension from the Pokemon trading card game. Another words, all the Pokemon-EX species are created from original existing Pokemon from the beginning of the series. Primal Groudon will be added to the Pokedex soon, and when he is you will already have knowledge on drawing Primal Groudon. Have fun people!

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