How to Draw Phineas and Ferb

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In this first step you will draw the shape of Phineas's head which happens to be a triangle that is on an angle. Draw the facial guidelines as you see them here. Next from the head shape you will then add all the limb guidelines including the shapes    


In this next step you will gradually start shaping out the head and give him his smile line along with the dash for his eye on the left. Draw an ear and then start drawing the shape of the shirt as well as the shorts, legs, and arms.


Now in this next step you will draw the opening for his mouth and then the guidelines and for the hair on top of his head. Detail the inner ear and then draw the rest of the shape of the arms and hands including the fingers. You will then make the bo   


As you can see in this step Phineas is starting to look more like himself. You will then draw the rest of his hair as well as draw two big circles for his eyes and add the eye lids. Make a thumb on the left hand and then strip out the shirt. Add the    


This is the last drawing step and you will give Phineas eyeballs and the rest of the strips on his shirt. Detail his shoes a bot more and then you can erase the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


This is what your drawing should look like when you are done. All you have to do now is color him in and that is it. You are done with this tutorial on how to draw Phineas from Phineas and Ferb step by step. I will be back soon in a bit so stick arou   

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September 21, 2008

Description: This is going to be another fun drawing tutorial for the day. This next animated character is fairly new on the Disney show list. In this next tutorial I will be showing you "how to draw Phineas and Ferb". The show is about two stepbrothers and the creation of their beyond the impossible adventures that they have in their own backyard during summer vacation. They are often picked on by their sister Candace who lives with the brothers. Although Phineas has to take a lot of crap from his big sister, he still remains to be very polite, unselfish or rude to anyone including his sister (at least sometimes). He is also described as being intelligent and creative. He also has a great desire to make summer as great as possible. So what he does is come up with ideas for unusual, exciting, and sometimes impossible activities that he usually does with Ferb. The show first aired in February of this year and has since become a success. It has become so popular in fact, Phineas and Ferb was nominated for an Emmy Award. I find the show awesome and funny and so does my twelve year old sister. She loves the show mainly because her all time favorite person happens to play the voice for Candace which is Ashley Tisdale who is also the girl that plays Sharpay from High School Musical. In this tutorial you will be learning "how to draw Phineas and Ferb", but you can also check out the other tutorial I have how to draw Phineas, either way it's your choice. I will soon be back with more so hang in there kiddies.

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