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How to Draw Pangoro

Artist: Dawn / July 13, 2013
How to Draw Pangoro

Step 1.

You will draw a large circle for the body, then draw a smaller circle for the head. Add the guides for the arms and legs, then add the shapes for the hand guides.

Step 2.

Here you will begin sketching out the shape of Pangoro's face and head shape, then sketch in the snout, bottom jaw, and then the ear and spiked hair on the back part of the head. You will also need to draw in the eye too.

Step 3.

Begin sketching out the fluffy chest and then with the same area, make the hair go up towards the neck and face.

Step 4.

Here you will draw in the right or left arm, then draw the large square shaped hand, then add some rough hair around the wrist.

Step 5.

Up next, sketch out the lining for the body, then draw the other arm as well as the other hand. Also draw in the furry hair around the wrist once again.

Step 6.

You are almost done folks. All you need to do is finish the body then draw the crotched legs. The ends of the legs should be long hair.

Step 7.

Finally, draw in the feet, then sketch out the rest of the body in the back of this Pokemon. Add the marking across the belly, then erase your mistakes.

Step 8.

Here is Pangoro when you are all done. Now you can have even more fun coloring in your character.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 13, 2013
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Tags: draw pokemon, how to draw pokemon
Description: Here is another Legendary Pokemon that I think a lot of you will enjoy drawing. Up next we will be tackling the task of learning "how to draw Pangoro", step by step. As you can see Pangoro is a large, bushy species that has a lot of character. Like Swirlix, Pangoro doesn't have a lot of information as far as it's bio and Pokedex stats. I do know from reading that Pangoro evolves from Pancham at some point, but that's it. All I can really do is provide this tutorial on drawing Pangoro. I will be back with other fun tuts so be sure to stick around. Adios mi amigos.