How to Draw Migo from Smallfoot


We begin like we always do, with some guidelines and shapes to form a workable frame for Migo or our Yeti.


Using the head guide you drew in step one, you will define the shape and structure of Migo's head like you see here. Be sure the lining has a jagged edge for the fluff or his hair.


Up next, you will add some horns and then MIgo's eyes, mouth and teeth. He is a very friendly Yeti, so he always carries a smile. Take your time to make sure to get his face drawn in just right.


Let's get started with the body by sketching out the shoulders, and long hairy arms. His whole body is just a bundle of hair so be sure to convey that with your lining when drawing Migo's body.


Sketch out a layer of thick hair to form the chest, then draw in Migo's human like hands but in a giant or massive formation. Add the nails to each finger, then proceed to your next drawing step.


Okay guys, you are almost done. You will draw in the legs like you see here and when you do this, make sure they are long and tapper out at the bottom. Almost like bell bottom pants.


You will tackle one foot at a time. So start with the right foot. Yeti's have massive hands and feet, so be sure those toes are big enough as well as the structure of the feet as well.


Do the same exact thing as you did with the right foot, here on the left side. Recreate another foot to complete his body and then erase the mistakes and all the guides.


Here is your line art when you are all done. Now you can have fun coloring Migo the Yeti in. I hope you liked this lesson on Migo from Smallfoot.

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August 28, 2022

Description: Hello everyone. Welcome back to another fun lesson today on Today I will be showing you all how to draw Migo or a Yeti from a movie called Smallfoot. I don't know how many of you are familiar with this new film, but it's about a Yeti named Migo who witnesses a plane crash and his life sort of goes off course shortly after. The voice of Migo is played by Channing Tatum and there are other voice actors in the film that you may also recognize. This Smallfoot character was requested by a member so I do hope you are happy with it . This lesson will not only show you how to draw a Yeti, it will also show you how to draw Migo, the main character of the movie. So have fun and be sure to stick around as I have more tutorials to upload. Adios folks.

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