How to Draw Mars

Artist: Dawn / June 4, 2009

Step 1.

Draw a circle and then add the guidelines in the middle so that Mars looks like a target diagram that you would see in a gun scope.

Step 2.

You will start sketching out all the crater shapes and holes that make up the terrain of Mars. See how easy it is to learn how to draw the planet Mars?

Step 3.

Continue to sketch out more crator shapes and patches and then sketch in more detailing and definition around the larger crator holes. You can then start erasing the guidelines you drew in step one and that is it you are all done with your lesson on    

Step 4.

This is what you should have as a sketch when you are done. Color in the planet and you have just learned "how to draw mars step by step"

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 4, 2009
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Description: How to draw the planet Mars step by step is obviously a very easy thing to do. Learning to draw any kind of planet is pretty simple if you think about it. I mean what are you really doing?, just drawing a circle and adding the details that are supposedly on any planet you want to draw. I chose to do Mars because I was watching the movie “Total Recall” with Arnold Schwarzenegger and it depicted what it would be like if one day Mars was a livable planet. Now as we all know the planet Mars is a red/orange colored planet and the weather there is absolutely extreme. There has been so many exploration journeys to the planet, some with real astronauts, and some with just robotic analyst. It is said that the terrain on Mars is dry (containing little or no water at all), rough and rocky, and there is no sign of life whatsoever. Did you know that Mars has the largest volcano in our solar system? It’s true, after extensive research, it was found that planet Mars has “THE” biggest volcano out of all the planets in the solar system including planet Earth. Just looking at pictures of Mars tells you right away that it is a dark, lonely planet to ever visit or live on. Let’s put it this way, in Death Valley California the “Ubehebe crater and the surface of Mars has very strong similarities. Another likeness that mars shares with some of the areas on Earth is the volcanoes in Hawaii, they resemble those on Mars but they are much, much smaller. The very first up-close photo that was taken of the “Red Planet” was back in 1965. The more scientist study the mysterious planet, the more they discover new things. For example, like Earth, Mars has an atmosphere, clouds, polar ice caps, seasonal weather variations, volcanoes, cannons, and other signs that the planet was probably once livable. There is so much to learn about planet Mars, but unfortunately there is little time to tell all there is to learn. I have like six more drawing lessons to submit but in the mean time I think that you guys will like learning “how to draw Mars” step by step. I shall return so stay tuned in to see what pops up next, because you never know what you will see next. Peace out!