How to Draw Cruella De Vil

Artist: Dawn / June 4, 2009

Step 1.

Draw the lanky lines for the beginning of how to draw Cruella De Vil. Draw a small circle for the head and then the facial guidelines. You will then draw out the guidelines for her limbs and body frame.

Step 2.

Cruella De Vil has a very bony looking body and face. You will start this step by drawing out Cruella De Vil's face shape and then the outline for her crazy looking hair style. Next draw the eyebrows, and then the mouth and fur coat lines.

Step 3.

Start with drawing out her eyes and the rest of her mouth. You will then draw two extra small circles for her pearl earrings and then finish off her hair style. Continue to sketch out Cruella De Vil's fur coat as you see here but don't make the linin   

Step 4.

Finish drawing the detailing in Cruella's mouth which is her teeth and then start drawing out her arms and chest. Again, she is a very pale thin lady and her body has no shape whatsoever. Sketch out teh shape of her fur coat sleeves and then move to    

Step 5.

You will really focus on learning how to draw Cruella De Vil's fur coat in this step because it is a major part of her character design. Finish sketching out her furry sleeves and then draw out more of her left arm and hand. Sketch out the length of    

Step 6.

See how her coat is layered in parts, well that is how you will approach this next step. Once the left side of Cruella's fur coat is drawn out you will draw out the fingers on her left hand. Draw her right arm and hand as well as her extremely long c   

Step 7.

This is your last drawing step and all you have to do is finish sketching out her coat and then draw out her dress and skinny legs and ankles. Last thing to draw is her shoes and or feet. Start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in s   

Step 8.

This is what your Disney character should look like when you are done. Color her in and then you are done learning "how to draw Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians step by step".

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Description: There is one Disney cartoon character that I did not submit as a tutorial yet and I can’t believe that I totally forgot to do it. I was thinking about what Disney character I didn’t have a lesson on and then it hit me, “Cruella De Vil. That is who I am going to teach you how to draw step by step. Cruella is the main villain in the animated Disney flick and she is a real “devil” of a woman. As a matter of fact she is so vial, Roger (the young man that owns one of the main Dalmatian dogs named Pongo), writes a catchy song about her during the second half of the movie and it goes something like this; “Cruella De Vil, Cruella De Vil, if she doesn't scare you no evil thing will, to see her is to take a sudden chill, Cruella, Cruella, the curl in her lips the ice in her stare the innocent children better beware she's like a spider waiting for the kill Look out for Cruella De Vil at first you think Cruella is a devil But after time has worn away the shock You come to realize you've seen her kind of eyes watching you from underneath a rock this vampire bat, this inhuman beast She ought to be locked up and never released the world was such a wholesome place until Cruella, Cruella De Vil”. I mean there is more to the song than that but I’m not going to go that far into it. Anyways, Cruella has a desire to make all kinds of fur clothing ranging from coats, gloves, shawls, scarves and much more. The only problem she has is that there is not enough black spotted animals that she can make her clothing line from. After some careful consideration she realizes that Dalmatians have white colored fur with black spots. “Of course“, she thought of an idea that could make her life long dream possible, steal thousands of Dalmatian puppies, kill them and take their fur. The character of Cruella De Vil came from a 1956 novel written by Dodie Smith called “The Hundred and One Dalmatians”. In 1961 Disney made an animated adaptation of the popular book and called it “101 Dalmatians” followed by “102 Dalmatians”. Did you know that Cruella De Vil is a hidden meaning of “cruel devil”? It’s true, the evil character was purposely named to represent a pure evil woman who cares and feels no emotion for any living human or beast. In fact the only person she does love is herself. In the feature full length movie it was Glen Close that played the evil Cruella and I have to say, she did an awesome job. Teaching yourself “how to draw Disney characters” can go two ways, easy and hard. The way that I laid out this tutorial for you all will teach you “how to draw Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians step by step with ease. I have to leave you once again my friend but I will return once again. Have fun with this lesson and be sure to be as creative as you can be. Peace out!