How to Draw Loki from Ragnarok

Artist: hydrophoenix / February 1, 2009

Step 1.

First, we'll lay out some basic guidelines and foundation for the piece.

Step 2.

Next, let's get in some features. Now, his neck is really long and skinny but it will look better later.

Step 3.

Now, it's time to get in more of the facial details, the hair, and the collar for the armor. Don't forget the hair that shows behind his neck.

Step 4.

Here, add the highlights to the hair so it is nice and shiny. Also, you should bring in the beginnings of the armor detail. Make sure that the two things on his shoulders are symmetrical.

Step 5.

Now, make the top two "ribs" and give shape to the shoulder pads.

Step 6.

Now for the finishing details on the armor and the detail in the ear. (I forgot the ear for a while. lol.)

Step 7.

And finally, the coloring! Now that you are done, uhhh... Give yourself a pat on the back, and post your results so I can see them! If you want to of course. Hope you had good results, hope this was helpful, and most of all, hope it was fun!

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Artist: hydrophoenix
Date Added: February 1, 2009
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Description: Hello folks! I will be showing you how to draw another Ragnarok character. Loki is the greatest assassin in the assassins guild and he rarely shows emotion. He has been described as being "human and not" but this has yet to be explained. So, without further ado, let us commence with the tutorial!