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How to Draw Jeremy De Longpre, Allen Gregory

Artist: Dawn / December 11, 2011
How to Draw Jeremy De Longpre, Allen Gregory

Step 1.

For the beginning step all you have to do is make a circle for the head and then draw in the facial guidelines as well as the body guide.

Step 2.

The next thing to do is draw out the shape of the oblong face, and be sure to make the chin, ear outlines and then the hair line too.

Step 3.

Using the face guides, you will need to draw the eyes, eyebrows, and then sketch in the nose mouth, and inner ear detailing. As you can see the expression on Jeremy's face is subtle, and relaxed. Don't forget to sketch in the detailing around the nos   

Step 4.

The only thing you have to do here is draw in the combed back hairstyle. Draw the part in the middle of the head and add some hair strand lines.

Step 5.

Sketch the shape of his neck, and then draw the V shaped collar line like so and also draw the undershirt as well as the detailing on the neck.

Step 6.

Here you will draw out the rest of the clothing and as you can see it looks like it might be a sweater. Draw the hood and then add some creases on the inside of the hood.

Step 7.

Yes guys you are on the last drawing step. As you can see all you have to do is draw in the strings for the hood, add the zipper and tab, and then draw out the lining that will form the sleeves and or arms. Clean up the drawing and then lets see how    

Step 8.

Here is what Jeremy looks like when you are all done. Now you can go ahead and color him in to add some pizzazz to his style. That's it, I hope you had fun guys.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 11, 2011
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Tags: how to draw allen gregory characters
Description: The next two characters that I am going to give you lessons on is from a show that airs on Fox called Allen Gregory. I don’t know how popular the show is going to be or if anyone likes the series. I was reading an article about the series and according to the information provided, the show is said to be cancelled sometime in December, but as of right now the show is still airing. Allen Gregory was created by Jonah Hill, and a few other people. Today the first submission that I will be giving you a lesson on is "how to draw Jeremy De Longpre", step by step. Now unfortunately I don’t know any information about any of the characters from the show. If you are a fan of Allen Gregory than you should know the 411 about the characters that I will submit including this one. The only thing I can do good for you is teach you the ropes so you too can draw Jeremy De Longpre. I will return with more fun so stay tuned in so you don’t miss what’s to come next. Adios mi amigos!