How To Draw Eddie From Iron Maiden

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This first step will show you how to begin drawing Eddie from Iron Maiden. First what you are going to do is draw a big circle for the head, inside the head draw out the lining for the eyes and mouth. Now draw two more medium circles for his fist. Af   


Now in this step draw or sketch out the torn cloth that is wrapped around his entire upper body. But for now all you have to sketch out is the pieces that hang from the sides of the face and off the shoulders. There Re a few strands attached to his n   


So far so easy right? Now what you have to do here is sketch out all the detailing and definition all over the body. This is bit of a time consuming process because you have to draw out all the lining of the cloth that is spread out on the body. Afte   


This is what your finished sketch should look like when you are done drawing Eddie from iron maiden. All that you have to do is color him in and draw the Iron maiden text above his head. And that is it. Pretty simple huh. I will see you all in a bit    

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January 11, 2017

Description: This is going to be a freakin awesome tutorial because it is on one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite bands. It is going to be on how to draw Eddie from Iron Maiden, how cool is that? As most of you may know Eddie is the official mascot of the British metal music band, Iron Maiden. Drawing Eddie from Iron Maiden may seem like it will be hard but it actually isn’t. Since I love this rock band, I naturally scribble and draw the character quite often. Believe it or not, but this figure actually has a full name given to him by the members of the band, his full name is “Edward the Head”. When the band first started up together, Eddie was nothing more than a theatrical mask, and anyone who has the first album can see that on the cover. A funny story told by the drummer of Iron Maiden, Nick McBrain, said that the name of Eddie came from a funny joke that was thrown around back in the day, and it goes like this; “Eddie the head was born with no body, no arms and no legs. All he had was a head. But despite this major birth defect his parents still loved him very much. So on his sixteenth birthday his parents found a doctor that could surgically give Eddie a body. When the parents got home they couldn't wait to tell him that he could finally have a body and be like other normal people. They go home really excited and say "Have we got a surprise for you. It's the best present ever!" and Eddie says "Oh no, not another freaking hat!" I thought that was quite corny when I first heard it, but I guess it all depends on the type of humor you have right? The image of Eddie was eventually drawn out by a British artist named Derek Riggs, he also did other zombie looking images of Eddie on later record covers. What I always wanted to know is, is Eddie a zombie or a mummy? I guess he is a combination of both. One thing is certain though Eddie from Iron Maiden is probably one of the coolest looking band characters around (aside from the Guns n Roses skulls on the cross that is). This tutorial will show you how to draw Eddie from Iron Maiden in a few simple step by step procedures. Have fun and rock on!

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