How to Draw Flo From Diner Dash


Draw two shapes, one for the head and another for the torso. Sketch in the facial guidelines too. Add the limb guides and proceed to step two.


We will now draw in Flo's head shapes which is also her hairstyle. Draw the ponytail which is positioned to the left then move to step three.


Draw the shape of the face and then draw in her bug shaped eyes. The eyelids should be semi shut which will give Flo a lazy look. Add the lashes and eyebrows.


Draw the shirt starting with the sleeves shirt collar and apron.


Draw in the arms and hands and then finish drawing the apron and also add the pocket.


We will now draw in Flo's legs which also happen to be her pants too.


Lastly, draw Flo's feet or shoes and then you are all done. Erase the mistakes and now your are done.


Here is the line art folks. Just color in Flo and move to another tut that you guys can tackle and have fun with.

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October 30, 2015

Description: Hey folks. Welcome back to another lesson that is going to be enjoyable for some and boring for others. I know this character is old, but I know the game is still very popular. Today we will learn how to draw Flo from Diner Dash, step by step. Flo is the main start from Diner Dash and at one point in my life I was extremely addicted to the game. Anyways, have fun with drawing Flo and I will be back in a bit so stick around.

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