How to Draw Ducky from The Land Before Time

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Start by drawing a circle for her head and then the facial guidelines. Add a long line for the neck and then draw a connected circle for the hind end. You will finish off this step by drawing the leg lines and then the feet circles that you see here.   


Now that the frame for Ducky is drawn out you can start sketching out the shape of her head and then her mouth. Next sketch out the bumpy shape of her semi-long neck and follow the lining down the back all the way to the tail. Next sketch out the beg   


You will continue to draw out the shape of Ducky's head and face which includes her lower jaw. Finish the neck line and then draw out the thighs and lower legs. Cap off and finish her toes and then her hands. Yup, yup, yup, you are almost done.


This is your last drawing step and all you have to do is draw out her big eye and then add the lashes. Finish her mouth and then her neck which turns into her belly and under tail. You will then draw out the other arm and hand. Give her a pupil and t   


Once you are done Ducky should look like this. Color her in and you have just learned How to Draw Ducky from The Land Before Time.

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March 25, 2009

Description: This is another character from The Land Before Time movies series and she is as lovable as they come. I will show you how to draw Ducky from the awesome cartoon movie series that has become a sensation for kids all around the world over the years. The very first Land Before Time movie was originally directed by the great Steven Spielberg. Unfortunately he didn’t continue directing the rest of the series which is probably due to the fact that the storyline are very child like. When you are drawing this character you will also be learning how to draw a Parasaurolophus step by step as well because that is the kind of dinosaur that Ducky is. I decided to draw Ducky because she was requested by a DragoArt member as well as Cera the threehorn. Ducky is also called a swimmer and a bigmouth in the movie. She has a bunch of brothers and sisters but always hangs with her adopted brother Spike the spiketail. The two have a very special relationship and they hang in a group which consists of Littlefoot, Cera, and Petrie. All five baby dinosaurs go on long adventurous journeys and learn something new along the way. They also meet new friends and discover something new about themselves as an individual. Drawing Littlefoot and his friends is always fun to do because they are fun characters. I hope you like this tutorial on how to draw Ducky from The Land Before Time step by step. All the steps are drawn out in detail to make this lesson easy to accomplish for artists of all levels. Stay tuned for more upcoming new tutorials on the way.

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