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How to Draw Dexter From FusionFall

Artist: kibacrazy11 / October 6, 2010
How to Draw Dexter From FusionFall

Step 1.

Start out by making the basic shapes of Dexter. A circle for the head and line as his neck connecting to his torso. I put circles/ovals for his joints as well.

Step 2.

Now start to flesh out his actual body. Bring his chin down and draw out the neck. His hips and arms will be covered up by his lab coat later so don't fret too much over it. And DON'T FORGET: sketch this part lightly if using pencil! If you're usin   

Step 3.

Now that we have everything basically fleshed out let's focus on the head for a minute. I drew a line to show where his hairline is and then from there you can draw the chunks of hair comming down. It all comes together from the back/top of his head   

Step 4.

Very Very lightly sketch where the goggles are going to be on his face. You can lose the guidelines or keep them since we'll redraw them later. after that you can start to work on the hand/glove. I won't go too into detail about hands. There are quit   

Step 5.

Now sketch out his clothes. His clothes are pretty loose so don't fit them right on him. (aka they aren't form fitting spandex) Dexter wears some rockin purple gloves over his white/light gray labcoat which he has a belt with. From the pictures I   

Step 6.

Focusing back on the face now. You can use your circles from before and make his sort of ovular glasses/goggles. Don't forget these are all just light sketches for now! (p.s. I only keep reminding you because I've failed so many times with this kin   

Step 7.

Now we're going to make the eyes. I moved the guidelines for the face a bit to make sure I got it right but otherwise it's just like putting eyes on any other face. The one closest to you is slightly larger. Also add his nose and mouth while you're   

Step 8.

Almost done! Now all you need to do is ink all your guidelines! Be very careful! If you're doing it traditionally then double-check what lines you're inking! You don't want to get stuck inking the wrong lines!! If you're on a computer then, again   

Step 9.

Now erase the guidelines and VOILA!!! You now have dexter! Color it or keep it like so! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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Artist: kibacrazy11
Date Added: October 6, 2010
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Description: This tutorial will hopefully help you to draw Dexter from CartoonNetwork's popular online game "FusionFall" Dexter is originally from the show "Dexter's Laboratory" where he is ultimately a young genius that (attempts to) save the world or just makes random inventions and such. In FusionFall they take his character and make him older (as they do most of the other characters in the fame) I personally think he's pretty hot but that's just my opinion XD anyway I hope this tutorial helps you with drawing Dexter from FusionFall (P.S. I appreciate any feedback since this is only my 2nd tutorial. uhm please forgive any explanation fails cause y'kno.. sometimes I didn't have the right words ^^; and last thing I colored this with my laptop track pad so get over it >: P -I think it's good but ykno watevs-)