How to Draw Kiba and Ed

Artist: kibacrazy11 / June 7, 2009

Step 1.

First make their heads. just circles^^ easy rite? top one is ed you should make your circles towards the top left of the page

Step 2.

Now let's start to make the body^^ As you may or may not be able to tell ed is sitting while Kiba is laying down let's add Kiba's nose while were at it

Step 3.

Now come the front legs and Ed's back one

Step 4.

Add on the rest of their basic body shape we'ss add more details eventually:p

Step 5.

Add on some ears and define the tail a bit. don't attach the bottom of Ed's ear just yet though

Step 6.

We can add their hair and Ed's other ear i tried to keep the hair as close to the normal characters as i could so if your having trouble.. especially for ed.. check out a pic of Edward Elric^^ Oh this is where the ear not being attached becomes at   

Step 7.

okay were getting there add the eyes and kiba's red tattoo mark thing..^^ also kiba's tongue

Step 8.

we'll define them a bit. give them some fur and toes.

Step 9.

almost done! darken up or ink the lines you want to keep. in some places add fur or other details^^ be sure not to ink the wrong lines^.^'

Step 10.

erase unwanted lines and then walah! good job! color it if you want^^

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Artist: kibacrazy11
Date Added: June 7, 2009
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Description: It's Ed as a kitty and Kiba as a puppy! A bit... weird i know but I was bored^^ It's still cute in my opinion thou. hope you enjoy my first tutorial! please tell me what you think Thanks!