How to Draw Death

Artist: Dawn / August 24, 2008

Step 1.

Lets start this first step with the shapes and guidelines to make a frame for death Angel. Start by drawing a circle for his head and then a half circle crown shape that goes above it. Next draw the shapes of his wings and then start making the shape   

Step 2.

In this step you will start to shape out and sketch his wings as shown. Then work on making the lines on the crest behind his head. You will next start sketching out his long straight hair and then draw the blindfold lines. After you are done with th   

Step 3.

What you will do here is finish drawing in the feathers of the angel wings as well as the feathers of the crest behind his head. Next begin drawing out the wrap on his legs as well as drawing out both of the hands and fingers. Make a circle for the a   

Step 4.

You will start this step by first erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. Next draw out the detailing in the angel wings by making small feather like lines. Sketch in the detailing on the crest and then detail the leg wrap. Y   

Step 5.

When you are done your Death Angel should come out looking like the one you see above. All that is left to do now is color him in and add him to your finished sketches folder. I hope you had fun with this tutorial on how to draw Death Angel step by s   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 24, 2008
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Description: Hello fellow artist welcome back to the coolest tutorial site in the web. I am back today with another tutorial creation from my imagination. Hey, that rhymes XD. Anyways today’s tutorial is going to be on how to draw a Death Angel. Some will say that I am actually pronouncing the name wrong because most go by the name Angel of Death. The creation of my Death Angel has some what of a similar background to the Angel of Death; the difference is Death Angel tries to save the souls that die instead of carrying them to hell or the bottomless pit of darkness. Death Angel was once a lost soul when he was alive. He was a young man that just turned 18 and all he experienced in life was pain and suffering. As a boy his name was Danny. He was a very thin, pale child that wore his long smoky colored hair off to the right side with just a hint of his left cheek and eye showing through. Now, he was picked on in school and even tortured as he walked the streets of his small town. Everywhere he went all he would here is “the freak with the pale skin” or “there goes ugly wearing rags” and “are you wearing your dads grease in your hair”. The amazing thing about this boy was that he never seemed bothered by what the other kids were saying to him. You see, Danny was an abused child by both his mother and father. Everyday he would come home and place his books on the table by the door. He would then walk through the smoke filled parlor where his parents sit and wait for him. As they rise from the couch, Danny automatically takes off his shirt while his father takes the belt off from his pants as he waits for Danny. The young boy places his innocent hands on the top of the old upholstered chair as his father whips him several times as his mother just watches in the distance. Danny then pulls away from the chair, picks up his shirt, and looks up at the only two people that are suppose to love him with a single tear falling from the left side of his face. The two of them just looked at Danny like he was some kind of dieses and by beating him; it was their way of ridding the dieses for a while. Young Danny lived this way until he was 18 years old. You would think that he hated his parents and all he wants is revenge, but no, Danny felt the exact opposite. He always thought that they too carried tortured souls and the reason for their abuse was to free themselves from the pain and sorrow they once felt when they were children too. He thought how could you hate someone that feels the same as you do inside? When he turned 16, Danny sat in his room on his birthday and cried for hours. He cried and prayed to anyone that could hear him above or below the earth. He wanted to be free; he didn’t want to feel the way he did anymore. Danny wanted to be loved and wanted to love in return. He prayed that through death let him find love and let people talk of him while they sit and shed tears as they wait for an answer. Danny wanted so bad to free his parents of misery. He thought that if they could some how rid all the pain inside, their lives would have brighter days. One day Danny was walking home from school in his senior year, and as he’s walking on the sidewalk a woman passed him with milk white skin and piercing blue eyes. As she passed Danny she glanced up at him and smirked with her soft puffy pink lips. Danny turned to look back as she passed him and he saw her standing there placing her finger on her lips as if she was saying shhh. He then dropped to his knees and everything turned black. Danny died that day at the age of 18, and for the first time his parents where crying out of sadness not pain. Danny’s death was talked about for years. People talked about how he was responsible for some how soothing the weak tormented souls that felt like they had nothing to live for. It is said that Danny became an angel with his death and when people talk of him they call him Death Angel. In death Danny was able to feel loved because he was granted the ability to place his hand on the hearts of lives that once felt the same as he did as a child. He gave his soul to save tormented souls form feeling a lifetime of pain when he was 16. He was given the wings of an angel from God and the ability to take death from the Devil. Death Angel would return to collect the souls from people that have black evil hearts. His angelic eyes are covered with a blindfold because he doesn’t see pain anymore and his legs are wrapped with the torn rags he wore as a child because he no longer walks with shame in his heart. The apple is a symbol of life being ripe red as a child, and because Danny is finally free his childhood will forever be saved by the hearts of children that were once just like him. This tutorial shows you "how to draw Death Angel", step by step. I also drew a lesson that teaches you to draw death, in a Grim Reaper fashion. Check it out, you may like what you see. Have fun and I will be back in a bit with more drawing fun.