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How to Draw Riku

Artist: Dawn / August 24, 2008
How to Draw Riku

Step 1.

Okay in this first step you will first start drawing out the guidelines and shapes to make a frame for Riku. This is important for sketching out a good and unique body pose. The key for making perfect body positions is to make sure you laid out a nic   

Step 2.

In this step you will start the draw the rough sketch of the pants and the arms and hands. Draw the eyes and the nose. As you can see the eyes and the nose are in perfect proportion. That is what the guidelines are for. Draw the pant pockets and the    

Step 3.

In this step we will now draw the other halves of the outside of Riku's arms. Don't forget to add the arm band on his lower arm. The fingers should be easy for you to accomplish as well. Draw the weird extending buttons on the large pocket areas. We    

Step 4.

Now in this last step we will draw the rest of the overlapping straps and the buttons that are on his pant pockets. Draw the remaining parts of his shoes and the extra ruffles in his pants. Don't forget to draw the rest of the pieces of strands in hi   

Step 5.

Well I guess this is the last and ending of this tutorial. I hope you all enjoyed on how to draw Riku from Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. I personally wanna own this game really bad too. It looks wicked awesome. The image of Riku alone took me hours and hou   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 24, 2008
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Description: Hello again people I’m back with another fun filled tutorial here on DragoArt.com. Today I figured that I would do another tutorial on a Kingdom Hearts character. This time the tutorial will be on "how to draw Riku", from Kingdom Hearts. Riku is another popular character from the Square Enix game. Anyone who played the first Kingdom Hearts knows how Riku’s story begins. He is introduced in Kingdom Hearts as being a laid back fifteen year old kid who is the best friend of Sora and Kairi. The three of them live on Destiny Island and they go about their days preparing for their long voyage to explore the world in search of other places to see and explore. Kairi, Sora and Riku build a make shift raft and have a ton of supplies that were gathered by them over time. I guess you could say that they are well prepared. Sora and Riku often compete against one and other to see who is stronger; of course there is never any kind of hostility while the two battle it out. There are other children on the very same island that the three spend their time on. The island is more or less used as a backyard where they all play and act like children should. Riku is the main character of Kingdom Hearts and he was also the original owner of the Keyblade. When forces of the beings of Darkness where unleashed onto Destiny Island, Riku losses possession of the Keyblade when he falls into the Darkness that invaded Destiny Island. Because Riku chose darkness over light, the Keyblade chose Sora instead. Ansem exploited Riku's weakness of heart and possessed him. Riku’s image is very subtle. He has long straight hair that flows in his face, he wears a yellow and black vest like shirt with blue colored pants. He also wears sneaker like boots that are white and blue in color, and he wears a pair of black leather gloves and black wrist bands. Kingdom Hearts is such an awesome game. The story line is wicked cool and I love all the characters. In this step by step online tutorial you will learn how to draw Riku from Kingdom Hearts. Like always the instructions are detailed and easy to follow. You will be drawing Riku in no time at all. That is it for me (at least for now), I will be back soon with more tutorials for you all to learn from. Have fun people and remember stay creative!