How to Draw Christmas Spongebob, Christmas Spongebob


Draw a rectangular shape like so, and then add the guidelines for his face and body or clothing.


Before drawing out his square shaped body, you will first need to draw out the Santa hat like you see it here. You can choose to draw the tip hanging, or stand up a bit with a stiffness.


Now you can begin drawing out the wiggly lining until you have the shape of Spongebob's body drawn in. Draw the scarf lining like so, and move to step four.


Using the facial guidelines like you see here, you will begin drawing out the round shapes of his eyes. Next, draw the nose, mouth or smiling grin, and then draw the cheek and add some freckles on it.


Draw in the dimensional lining on the left side and then draw the wide open mouth as well as his two front teeth and tongue. Lastly, draw in the eyeballs and color in the pupils.


Keep going guys because you are almost done. All you have to do here is draw in his boxy shorts or pants and then draw in the arms and hands. Add some stripes on the scarf.


Draw out his legs and then the shoes like so, add some stripes for his socks, and then move along once again.


OMG guess what? You are at your last step. Add some holes to his spongy body and then clean up the drawing to prepare it for color.


Here is what the drawing should look like when it's time to color him in. This is also a great picture for a Christmas card as well. Great work everyone!

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December 16, 2011

Description: Ho, ho, ho, everyone in Dragoart land, today we will be tackling another festive lesson for the holiday season. Today, we will learn "how to draw Christmas Spongebob", step by step. You know I just had to do a drawing on Spongebob with him dressed in some snappy Santa clothing. I drew a candy cane stripped scarf around his neck, and a cute Santa hat. I originally Drew a Christmas tree behind him, but for some reason it didn't look quite good so I took it out. The end result is an awesome drawing of Spongebob dressed in some cute attire. He looks like he is waiting for Santa to leave something special under his ocean tree. Well, that’s it guys I’m going to leave you now so you can tackle drawing Christmas Spongebob. My presence will return in a few so stay tuned in if you can to see what else I have in store for ya’ll. Adios amigos and enjoy!

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