How to Draw Britney Spears

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To draw Britney Spears you will first draw a big circle for the head shape and then add the facial guidelines.


You will use the facial guidelines to draw in the beginning lines for her eyes and then move onto to draw the lining for her nose and top lip.


Okay now you will start sketching out her pretty eyes in more detail as you see here. Sketch in the top lid, her eyeballs and pupils, and then sketch out the sides of her nose start from the inner tips of her eyes. Next add nostril holes and then ske   


What you will do now is sketch out her eyelashes and then start sketching her long hair and then lid line of her hat. Move to the next step to see what you will have to do next.


You are almost done with this lesson on how to draw Britney Spears. What you will do next is sketch out the eyebrows as well as shade them in. Next add more definition and detail tor her eyes, and then begin the shading process for her lips. You will   


Well, you have reached your last drawing step. All you have to do here is sketch out her hat and add more detailing and definition. Once that is complete you can go ahead and start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


You finished sketch of the pretty performer should come out looking like the one you see here. Color her in or leave her as a sketched image. I hope you enjoyed this lesson on "how to draw Britney Spears step by step".

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October 25, 2009

Description: Well I am back again with more lessons for you all and this time I will be doing something that falls under the “famous faces” section under people. There is two female music artists that I will submit today. First, I will show you "how to draw Britney Spears" step by step. First off I would like to say that I drew Britney for my younger sister that loves her music. I remember when I first heard one of her songs, I was like, “wow, fun beat”. She was born Britney Jean Spears on December 2, 1981. She was born in Mississippi, but raised in Louisiana. She made her first performance debut on the television show Star Search back in 1992 which would have made her only eleven years old. Soon after her television appearance she went onto star in “The New Mickey Mouse Club” for a total one year. Her first album was “Baby One More Time” which was released in 1999. Just that album alone sold a whopping twenty five million copies, and even reached number one on the Billboard 200. A year later Britney released her second album “Oops!…I Did it Again”, and that is the album that gave her pop icon status. The talented blonde headed star was becoming more and more popular with each passing day. She even hosted Saturday Night Live a few times as well, where she also performed. For a while her and her beau was in the tabloid headlines for being one of the most beautiful couples until her break-up with heartthrob Justin Timberlake. The two dated for four years before Spears called of the relationship. After that, he released “Cry Me a River” with the song being geared toward his break-up with Britney, with the video and lyrics hinting that they broke-up because she was unfaithful to him. By the time they broke up it was 2002 which meant that it would only take two more years before she married twice in the same year. She first got married to a childhood friend named Jason Allen but through an annulment the marriage was short lived, only fifty five hours. After that she got involved with backup dancer Keven Federline and it would be him that she married and had two children with. For a long while Britney Spears career took a long pause due to her unsuccessful marriage to Federline, leading her to have a breakdown from a huge amount of overwhelming stress and heartache. After spending a good amount of time healing and getting back to being the performer and person she used to be, she released her fifth album in 2007 called “Blackout”. Once of the more popular songs on that album was “Gimmie More” which became as popular as her first album “Baby One More Time”. Through the struggles of her life and career, this young star managed to retain her popularity as well as her personal life. I had so much fun sketching out this tutorial on “how to draw Britney Spears step by step”. I think you will find that drawing a pretty face really isn’t all that hard. Have fun guys and happy drawing!

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