How to Draw Belle and Beast


Make the guides for the heads and then draw in the facial guidelines as well as Belle's torso guide.


Let's start with Beast's face. Draw in the angled lining for the forehead and nose, then draw the top hairy lip.


Next, draw the thick, hairy eyebrows and then sketch in the face which consists of the bottom lip, along with the beard and hairy cheek.


Beast is the hardest character to draw in this lesson so take your time as you tackle the task. Draw in his horn, then draw the rest of the head which is full of hair or his puffy mane. As you can see his mane is combed back and tied. Add his ear and   


Finish Beast off by drawing the massive torso which is covered by his coat. Add the seam lines to create the design of the coat and then draw in his puffy tie which is clipped in the center with a pin.


Now we can start drawing Belle. Begin with the profile of her face outline like so, then draw in the hairline which frames her face. Add a small pearl earring as well.


Draw and color in her eyebrow, then add her pretty eye, nose or nostril and then her lips.


Draw in the rest of Belle's hair which is combed back in a half bun. Add detailing to her hairstyle and make sure some of her hair falls on her shoulder.


Lastly, sketch in her neck, some of her chest, and the cuff for her dress. She is being held by Beast so you will also have to draw his fingers from his beastly hand. Erase the guidelines and mistakes that you made through out the lesson steps.


Once your task is complete the drawing of Belle and Beast should come out looking like the one you see here. Color them both in and create a magical looking background.

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March 2, 2017

Description: I think I mentioned before that there is a life like movie coming out based on Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Well, today I will be showing you how to draw Beauty and the Beast or Belle and Beast, step by step. Belle is looking up at her Beast but when she does, she doesn't see a monster or animal. Instead she sees a beautiful man trapped in an animals body. She sees a man, a human, a being. The story is a good one and I will always love the fairy tale. As for the complexity level for this lesson, it will be challenging for those of you who are novice artists. I shall return in a bit with other lessons to have fun with. Stick around and keep a look out for the upcoming life like movie Beauty and the Beast.

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