How to Draw Aoi Sakuraba, Ai Yori Aoshi

Artist: Dawn / February 9, 2017

Step 1.

Let us begin by drawing a round shape for her head guide, and then sketch in a facial and body guideline like so. Notice the body line is in the form of how she will be posed.

Step 2.

Next, begin sketching out the actual shape or structure of her face like so, and then draw the front part of her neck.

Step 3.

The right side of the face will be closed off with her hairstyle. Like a lot of Japanese girls, it is short, and has razor like ends making her bangs, and the ends of her hair look shredded. Draw the sides of the hairstyle curled inward like you see    

Step 4.

Next, use the facial guides to draw in her boxy shaped eyes. The top lids are much darker or thicker than the rest of the eye lining. Make the creases for her eye lids, then draw the nose and mouth. You will also need to draw the back arch line for h   

Step 5.

Now that her hair, face and features are all sketched in, you can begin drawing out her kimono. Since we are not drawing the full body of Aoi, you will only have to worry about getting the top half of her done. start at the collar, and then draw the    

Step 6.

Well guys, you are almost done. Before you draw the handle of her parasol, you will have to draw the left or right arm and hand first. Make the fingers in a gripping or holding position, and then draw the handle for her parasol.

Step 7.

lastly, all you have to do is draw the umbrella part of the parasol which looks very much like a large fan. Clean up your mistakes and guidelines to perfect the drawing and to ready it for color.

Step 8.

Now that you have finished, you can now color her in to completion. I do hope you enjoyed this tutorial on drawing Aoi.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: I'm in the mood to fill requests, which is why I decided to upload a tutorial on this next figure from an anime called 'Ai Yori Aoshi'. I just want to warn you guys that I have never heard of this anime before so the probability of me knowing what it's about is slime to some. From what I gather the anime follows a young adult named Kaoru Hanabishi. He is a loner that has no one in his life because of the fact that all his family members died. After feeling alone and exiled, he does meet up with this one individual again that seems to love him unconditionally no matter what and will do everything and anything for him. Yes, Kaoru knows Aoi because they where once betrothed to one another at one point in time. The reason why they are no longer engaged to be married, is because Kaoru walked out on the whole arrangement. Now this tutorial is going to be showing you "how to draw Aoi Sakuraba" in a real simple manner. As most of you fans know, Aoi wears a purple colored kimono almost all the time and in this drawing you will be recreating her wearing this very same thing. She is also holding a parasol, with falling pedals of cherry blossom blooms. I know she may look complex to draw, but the truth is, she is going to be rather simple. I know you will enjoy this lesson on drawing Ai Yori Aoshi characters like Aoi here. I will be back with one more tutorial for you all so stay tuned in to see who or what it will be.