How to Draw Anime Horses, Draw Anthro Ponies

Artist: Dawn / August 21, 2012

Step 1.

Some examples of a male and female anthro style being.

Step 2.

Here is a display of the legs and hooves of an anthro horse that you can choose to add on your newly drawn character to make things interesting.

Step 3.

Here I show you where to place the tail when making a tail on an anthro style horse.

Step 4.

Some nice styles you can choose from when drawing or making a mane for your anthro horse. As you can see the choices are endless, I just made a few that you can choose from or get an idea to make.

Step 5.

Here is a display of three different colors you can use to color in your anthro horse. I personally like the brown shade, but you can create any color you like.

Step 6.

We will be drawing a full figure anthro horse that is female, but you can minus a couple things to make your character male if you like. Start with making the mannequin of a what seems to be a human figure.

Step 7.

Start the second step by drawing out the structure of the horse like face on a 3/4 view profile. Start with the ear, then sketch out the side of the face as well as the muzzle or snout. You will end this step by drawing in the forehead which will be    

Step 8.

Now that the head and face has been drawn in, you can sketch out the long cat like shape of the eye. Notice how the top lid line is very dark or bold and the lash fans or flares to a pointed end. Add the mouth line as well as a thin eyebrow.

Step 9.

You will sketch out the first part of the anthro horse's mane or hair on the left side of the figure. For me I chose to make a short full bodied curl, then I added some detailing strand lines. Sketch out the shoulders, arm, and hand all in human form   

Step 10.

Sketch out the beautiful flow of her hair or mane on the opposite side like you see here, then sketch in the detailing to add texture to her locks.

Step 11.

The shape of this anthro horse's body is perfect and portionate. Her torso and waist forms an hour glass figure, then her hips, legs and thighs flow nicely with the rest of her body. At the knee you will draw out the lower half in the form of horse s   

Step 12.

Here is your last drawing step. All you have to do is draw out the rest of her mane which is long, curly and full of life. I love how the hair came out because it's so pretty. It almost looks like a tail, but instead it's her hair. You will then draw   

Step 13.

Here is your drawing when you are done. Color in your new anthro horse by choosing a shade you love. Now you have a new character to call your own.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Like always every now and then someone will ask me to make a tutorial on an anthro style figure that is a form of an animal that is a little hard to imagine being half human. Today, I will be showing you "how to draw an anthro horse", step by step. The neat thing about this tutorial is that you will be getting some cool tip steps that will help make drawing your anthro horse a whole lot easier than you think. Anthro beings are nothing more than the cross of a human and animal. I'm sure many of yo know that werewolves are also known as anthro beings because even though they have a monstrous wolf appearance, they still have bodies that are very much like a human figure. I don't want to pretend that I don't like the idea of making a tutorial based on an anthro horse because I actually think it's a pretty unique idea. The facials of the anthro horse I made here today will resemble those like the characters from MLP. I figured since MLP is such a popular series, it would be cool to have similar facial structures to the characters we love. I don't want to babble on about nothing so let me shut up so you guys can get busy with this tut on drawing an anthro horse. Stick around or come back a little later because I have some new updated versions of anime related lessons coming your way that I think a lot of you will enjoy. Peace out and thanks!