How to Draw an Easy Fairy

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First, start off with the basic guidelines for the drawing. This guide might seem a little weird, but that's where the ruler and compass come in. Use the compass to create a semi-perfect circle. I'd recommend using a ruler for all the straight edged    


Next, move onto drawing the basic facial details and the face shape. It's important to start at the head because of evaluating where the body will stand.


Next, work on the hairdo as well as the eyes. See how pretty she's starting to turn out? I made the hair very simplistic lacking details in order for it to be easy. Don't forget to add the elf like ears as well.


Then, work on the body shape of the fairy. Keep it simple folks, and move your pencil in the flow of the line.


Lastly, finish off the wings. The wings should be drawn with patience and care. Don't forget to add the skirt line as well.


Here is what you're line work should slightly resemble. If you're not satisfied with your lines, then retry until you get better. Thanks for viewing folks and enjoy your new drawing!

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October 3, 2010

Description: Hey everyone, it’ Dawn here with another super awesome chillin’ drawing tutorial! I really wanted to submit this tutorial because of the cute and sweet beauty to it. In this step by step lesson, you’ll be learning “how to draw an easy fairy, step by step”. Two days ago, I rendered the entire image during my LiveStream. The colors of the actual lines were a bit different from when I started, which resulted in separate darker monochromatic colors to match the skin, hair, and wings. I’ve decided when almost finished with the drawing, that I’d make the lines a light hot pink color to match the darker pink essence of the background. You should approach this lesson by getting a ruler, compass, and eraser ready for the guidelines. Make sure you keep in mind that guidelines have to be semi-perfect to yield a proportionate figure of a fairy girl. To “draw easy fairies”, you must practice different types of wings, bodies, faces, and much more to achieve interesting and unique fairies. Anyways folks, I really hope you enjoy this lesson on “drawing fairies”, I had lots of fun designing the outcome of what you see now. The light pink, blue, and yellow, all come together, creating a magical and interesting essence that of fairies. If you want, add a cute little forest or faerie type kitchen for your character. Keep practicing folks; you’ll get better with every try! Thanks so much for viewing this lesson, and most of all, have fun!

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