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How To Draw an Anorexic Male

Artist: GideonGave / November 21, 2011
How To Draw an Anorexic Male

Step 1.

Guidelines! And draw out the basic shape of the ribcage - it'll help out A LOT.

Step 2.

Let's start with the head shape and the torso. DRAW THE ENTIRE HEAD WITHOUT THE HAIR. It's best to draw the head before putting hair on it! It helps with placement. Also, add in the collar bone (because it will be very obvious with thin people), som   

Step 3.

And now for the legs. Note the curvature of the hip bones and the shape of the calf muscles, and well as the knee caps. Also, divide up the feet for where the toes will go.

Step 4.

And some arms. Note the way the muscles shape the shoulders and arms, especially how it goes inward at the elbow. Like the feet, divide up the hands for the fingers and thumb.

Step 5.

Now that we have the basic body shape, let's move to the finer details. Make your fingers and toes.

Step 6.

Now for the hair on his head. Divide it up into sections. This guy has a pretty simple hairstyle with no defined layering.

Step 7.

Last is the face and other details. A little bit of cross-hatching never hurts. Also, make sure to shape the edges of the torso to coincide with the ribs.

Step 8.

And done! I hope this helps!

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Artist: GideonGave
Date Added: November 21, 2011
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Tags: how to draw guys
Description: First tutorial on here, so I decided to do the only thing I'm good at: sickly thin guys! Granted, my anatomy is not perfect (then again, no one's ever is), so please use this as more of a guideline, and FIND PHOTO REFERENCES if you're really interested in learning this.