How to Draw an Anime Warrior


Let us begin like we always do, with your basic figure guides. Start with the circle shapes for the head, torso, pelvic area, and then connect them all with neck and torso guide lines. You will then add the limb guides as well as the facial guideline   


Here you will sketch out the shape of the warrior's face like so, then sketch in the side burn style hair that falls on the sides of her face. You will then sketch in some detailing on the ends of her hair as well.


Continue to work on the head which is big, round and sort of puffy. Draw in the elven style ear and then detail inside of the ear.


Let's work on drawing her face next. Start with the big round eyes, then make the upper lids dark, thick and expressive. Add a nose and mouth, then proceed to step five.


You will only need to draw in the hair on the left side. This is not all of her hair, just pieces.


Now you can draw sketch out the shape of her neck, then draw in the shoulder armor which is part of her suit. Add detailing to the bottom of her neck, then proceed to step seven.


Begin sketching out the design marks on the shoulders like so, this is going to be the embedded marks on the armor pads for her shoulders.


Begin sketching out the upper body starting with her torso. Sketch in the back shape, then draw in the breasts, lining for her halter style top, then draw in the waist. Be sure to add those small ripples on the sides of her body.


Draw in her arm and this is the complete shape of the arm. There is an arm brace that starts from the elbow and flows down to the wrist. On top of the arm shield there is also a bracelet with a jewel in the center.


Next, draw in her hand. There should be a gap where the thumb and finger join. This is where the handle will be for her staff.


The only thing you have to do here is sketch in the designs on the armor shields and bracelets. The etchings should be detailed to appear like they pop off the plate.


Draw in the designing on her halter style top like so and along the back. Sketch in detailing to the side of her right breast as it pops out a bit on the side of her torso.


All you have to do here is draw in her belt. Once that is done sketch in the small notch and move to step fourteen.


Again, sketch in the detailing on the clothing and belt. We want to keep with the same style that is all over her body including the clothing and armor.


Before you sketch in the rest of her loin cloth style dress, you will need to draw in the waist and hips. Her hips are wide like an hour glass figure. Sketch in the middle section of her warrior dress or uniform like so, then add detailing like the w   


Draw in the other arm along with the plated armor on her forearm and wrist like so. There is nothing in her left or right hand so no need for space there.


Add detailing to the armor bracelet and forearm armor.


All you have to do here is fill in her hand with the long staff pole.


Draw in the very sharp fork like tip or top for her staff. In between the forks are scattered jewels. Define the tip by sketching in dimensional lining.


All you have to do here is draw in a leather thigh strap that she wears on her leg.


Almost done people. Sketch in her long flowing and blowing hair like so. Be sure to add definition and detail to her hair as well.


And lastly, sketch in the leather necklace that is wrapped around the middle of her staff. Erase all the mistakes and guides then you should end up with a clean image.


That's it, you are done. Now you can color her in and when you do so be creative. Add colors that only warriors would wear. Good job guys, show off your hard work.

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June 11, 2014

Description: The figure you see here now was created and drawn while I was drawing live on I didn't know what to create, so I went ahead and just started sketching some random stuff. I ended up making this OCC figure and I will call it "how to draw an anime warrior" who also happens to be a female. I love how she came out, the background, clothing, body pose, everything about her I love. Even though she has this feminine face, her figure and persona just screams "WARRIOR". She actually reminds of Conan's girlfriend in the move Conan the Barbarian, but that's besides the point. Anyways, the lesson has a lot of steps because there is a lot of things that you have to draw in order to complete this character. I do hope you enjoy drawing an anime warrior girl, I shall return until I say there is no more tuts for me to upload. Adios amigos.

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