How to Draw an Anglerfish

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Since the head and mouth of this fish species is bigger then the rest of the body, you will only need to draw one large circle for the head, and mouth. Next draw a cone like shape on the back of the circle like so, and add the one facial guideline.


You will now start sketching out the large squared lower jaw line and mouth like you see here, and then draw the left side of the head, and then top part of the mouth and or jaw. Add the eye line too.


You will now draw the bottom of the very prominent bottom mouth or jaw like you see here, and then do the same for the top part of the mouth. Once that is done you can finish drawing out the shape of the eye, and then draw the curl for the dorsal fin   


Draw a lid for the eye, and then sketch out the other bulging eye to the left. Next, draw the rest of the curl, and bulb like shape at the tip of the dorsal fin, and then draw the rest of the body shape that looks like an onion bulb.


Here you will sketch in all the small fins. In total there should be five. This includes the tail fin. Be sure to add some detailing and definition lining to the fins before moving to the last drawing step.


Before going any further, erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one to clean up your drawing. Next, draw the sharp bottom and top row of teeth, and then you are done. The teeth should be different sizes.


You're done. Color in your fish and you have just learned how to draw an anglerfish, step by step. I hope you had fun gang, be sure to join me again for more drawing excitement.

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April 25, 2010

Description: What is the ugliest fish or animal that lives on this planet? If your guessing it's the fish in this lesson, you're right. Yesterday, I was searching for some cool fish that are popular, and I also wanted to draw a fish I did not have. For my fourth installment I will show you "how to draw an Anglerfish", step by step. I know what you're thinking, “what the heck is an anglerfish”? Well, these creepy looking sea creatures live lonely dark lives at the bottom of the Atlantic and Antarctic oceans. Even thought these fish live as far as a mile down below the sea, they can also be found in shallow waters too. You would think that a fish this ugly, is the only of it's kind right? Wrong. The fact is, there is over two hundred species of Anglerfish in existence. Some of these species grow to be more then three feet long, but most of the time they grow no more than a foot or so. What makes this creature so popular and well recognized? It's the dorsal spine that is only equipped by the females of this species. There is a long curled dorsal spine that hangs above the head near the mouth that resembles a fishing pole and lure. The brightly lit ball of flesh, helps lure in other fish for this carnivore to feast on. What else is so great? How about the amount of teeth that are in this fish's mouth. Anglerfish have razor shape, long translucent teeth that are used to chomp down hard on their prey. The head and mouths alone are much greater than the rest of their bodies, and because of this, they are able to eat prey that is twice their size. Now remember, only females have the built in fishing pole, males are much smaller, and have to work harder to eat. I personally think that even though this fish is one ugly mother, it's also very cool looking at the same time. I think you will enjoy teaching yourself "how to draw an Anglerfish", using this step by step drawing lesson. I will be back with my last tutorial for you all, so try and stay tuned in to see what fish I will upload next. Peace out peeps.

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