How to Draw a Blowfish

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Draw a large circle or whatever sized fish you want. When that is done draw two more hole like shapes as well.


YOu will then sketch out the shape of the mouth and or lips, and then the eye in more detail. Once that is done you can draw the fan shaped fin like you see here. Add some detailing to the eye, and move to step three.


This step may be a bit time consuming. You will have to draw a bunch of spikes on the outside lining of the fishes body like so. An easy way to do this is to use an up and own stroke with the middle being curved in instead of pointed. Once you have c   


Now you will add more spiked hills on the body of the blowfish like so. Take your time, and when you are done you can move to step five.


Now you will finish off the spikes, and then draw out the inner eyeball which is covered with the skin of the fish. Next color in the mouth to form a puffed out look. When you are done here you will also need to detail the fish fin too. Erase the vis   


In the end your drawing should look like the one you see here. Color it in and you have yourself a brand new pufferfish.

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April 26, 2010

Description: Again, the last fish to complete my tutorials for the day. I know that many of you know of all kinds of different fish species, and this lesson is going to be on one of them, "how to draw a blowfish", step by step. These unique fish are known by either blowfish, or pufferfish. Just to keep things simple, I will use blowfish. The reason why this is a well recognized species, is because of their ability to fill up with air and water, and turn into a spiked ball. There are over one hundred and twenty different types of pufferfish, and not all of them have spiky spines all over their bodies. This is a defense mechanism that they use to run from predators that want to consider them a meal. Now, because they are rather clumsy when they try to evade a predator, they will engage in the “blow-up” stage so that they become rather unpalatable. If for some reason a bigger fish does get to munch on a pufferfish before they got a change to explode, they are in for a surprise because within the fish, they let go a foul, and lethal toxin called “tetrodtoxin”, which taste bad, and will kill a fish that decides to feast on a blowfish. To humans, the toxin is about one thousand, two hundred times more deadly. In one pufferfish, there is enough toxin to kill about thirty people. After all these facts about how dangerous it is to sink your teeth into one of these fish, people still consider them a delicacy. Japan is a place where you can find “Fugu”, and if you choose to take a chance and try out the meat, you better come with plenty of money because pufferfish meat is very expensive. It's not really the fish that is so much money, it's the way the fish has to be prepared. You have to be a licensed chef who specializes in cooking pufferfish. If the chef makes one bad cut, it could mean someone's life. Anyway, blowfish sizes range between one inch, to two feet. And it is believed that there is only a handful of times that this fish can blow itself up before they die. Nonetheless, you will always have a pufferfish by your side because I will teach you "how to draw a pufferfish", step by step. Since it is just a round shape, this lesson should be easy enough for anyone to tackle. I will be back later on today for Live stream. Peace out people, and have a happy drawing day.

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