How to Draw a Zergling


First off, start with drawing the head. Draw this shape shown in red, this is the top part of the head of your Zergling. Place the eyebrow lines, the eyes will go below these.


Now draw in the eyes. Place them underneath the brow ridges. Try to make them equal on both sides, same size and same distance apart since the Zergling is looking straight on. Also, mark in the gum/teeth lines, where the jaws are open, showing where    


Now draw in the carapace shapes as shown. These are like plated scale armour, and they overlap down the Zergling’s back. Also place in the same shapes onto the top of the head, to show how the carapace continues.


Here, the blue shows the basic skeletal structure of the limbs. You can draw these faintly to help you position the legs. Follow the red, adding in muscles and bulk at the right areas. Do the same for the back leg, putting in muscles where you think    


Now draw in the upper arm, placing them the same way as you did for the other limbs. Define the chest, under belly and where the tail starts. Make the carapace get smaller towards the end of the Zergling’s body. Also, add in the teeth as shown. Add   


Draw in the tail, position it how you believe looks right. You can have it bending a lot more than I have done, depending on if you want it to be a ridged tail or not. Now place in the other legs for the other side. This may seem difficult at first,    


Now rub out your construction lines, and start to add in the permanent detail lines. Decide where you want your light source, so you can place shadows on the right sides. I chose my light to be coming from the top right hand corner of the page. There   


And you’re almost done! Continue to add in all the dark lines showing where the light doesn’t hit. Add in some more interesting textures, like I did for the Zergling’s underside. I added in some veins to the legs for extra detail. Once you are    

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November 29, 2010

Description: This tutorial will show you “How to draw a Zergling from Starcraft”. I will go over the steps I take to produce a line drawing of a creature. I will start by drawing the head, and will go over how to position and construct the limbs. I would recommend using 3B to 5B pencils, an eraser, a sharpener, and a mechanical pencil is always a nice extra. There are 8 steps in total. The red lines will show you the important lines to add and emphasise their shape. I would suggest searching for some reference images of Zerglings to help you choose how you want to draw it and to make it easier to decide which way to go when adding details.

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