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how to draw a wolf head for kids

Artist: minun_pokemon / July 17, 2012
how to draw a wolf head for kids

Step 1.

First you draw the outline of the head. and the bottom of the mouth.

Step 2.

Next you draw the nose and the eye. for the eye you draw a rectangle and erase some of it on the bottom then you draw an oval in the eye and a circle on the right af the oval that's in the eye.

Step 3.

Now you draw the ear an part of a triangle in the ear

Step 4.

Now you draw the mouth and the back of the wolf and some fur in the front

Step 5.

Now you color and TADA you have just learned how to draw a wolf's head

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Artist: minun_pokemon
Date Added: July 17, 2012
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Description: this is my 3rd tut,so I hope you like it!! This is how to draw a wolf head.So I hope you like it or love it so Minun_Pokemon out,Peace!