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how to draw Shiny Zorua

Artist: minun_pokemon / July 22, 2012
how to draw Shiny Zorua

Step 1.

First you draw the shape of the head and the triangle that's in the ear.

Step 2.

Next you draw the fluff that's on the head.

Step 3.

Then you draw the eye and the circle that's above the eye.

Step 4.

Now you draw the fur that's below the head and then you draw the nose and the mouth.

Step 5.

Next you draw the legs and part of the back leg.

Step 6.

Then you draw the tail and

Step 7.

Then you draw the tail.

Step 8.

Now you draw the bottom of the feet and the front foot

Step 9.

Now color and enjoy!You have just learned how to draw a shiny Zorua!!

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Artist: minun_pokemon
Date Added: July 22, 2012
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Description: This is how to draw Zorua shiny!! As you may know Zorua is the pre evolved form of Zoroark. Zorua appears in the 13th movie Zoroark Master Of Illusions! well I could sit here all day talking to you about Pokemon but at sometime you would want to draw this so I'm Minun_pokemon and have a great drawing day so,Peace out!