How to Draw a Switchblade

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Draw the length of the blade first but at the tip make sure to tapper downward as it has a rounded edge but pointed tip.


Draw in the under side of the switchblade like so, and when you are done be sure the tip of the blade is nicely pointed.


You will now add the separation line at the base of the blade to form the handle. When that is done draw the butt end of the switchblade, then add the markings and very small rivet at the end.


The two fan like shapes at the end of the blade are the guards. Draw these in like so, then draw the rest of the different shaped circles which are the closures that keep the blade and handle one piece. If you made some mistakes erase them now.


That's it, you are all done. You can now add some color to this drawing and be done with it all.

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May 20, 2014

Description: Well here it is, another knife that will be added to the now growing knives section under the weapons category. Today I will show you all "how to draw a Switchblade", step by step. The Switchblade is a knife that has many names. It also goes by automatic knife, push-button knife, ejector knife, switch, Sprenger, Springer, flick knife, and flick blade. The knife's design was made to eject from the housing unit (inside the handle) with the push of a button, lever, or switch. Once deployed the blade would lock in place and wouldn't retract back into the handle until it was manually unlocked. I can remember seeing one of these knives three years ago when I went to a weapons show. They are very cool looking for a knife that came out during the 18th century. Anyways, have fun and remember to leave some feedback letting me know if you are liking all the lessons on these different knives that I have been submitting. Adios and peace out peeps.

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