How to Draw a Balisong, Butterfly Knife

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Begin by making one part of the handle for your butterfly knife or balisong. This is a simple shape which is oblong in structure.


The second part of the handle should be drawn directly on the opposite side in a closed manner.


Here you will draw the design on the knife's handles which are sometimes made of ivory or even marble. The plates aren't as long as the handles, they just cover a portion in the middle. Add the screw or rivets like so, then add some detailing to the    


Now we can draw out the shape of the blade. This should be a wide shape that ends with a very pointy tip. The base of the blade fans out at the side as you can see so make sure to add those two nods.


Define the blade by adding the indent which makes up the sharp end of the knife. If you want some blood on your knife blade draw in the messy swirl along the edge.


For the last step draw in a small pool of blood that the knife is laying on like so and a few splatters. Erase whatever mistakes you made along the way.


Here is the line art when you are all done. Now you can have fun choosing the shades you would like to color in the balisong or butterfly knife.

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May 19, 2014

Description: This is a drawing that I really like. Since I don't have a lot of lessons on Dragoart that are knife based, I figured making a tutorial on "how to draw a butterfly knife" would be something that a lot of knife enthusiast would appreciate and have fun with. The butterfly knife is banned in a lot of states and countries because of how easy they are to access and use as a weapon. Butterfly knives are also called balisong and fan knife. The one you see here has green handles and a wide blade. If you are familiar with this style knife I think you will enjoy drawing a balisong or butterfly knife. Adios amigos and happy trails.

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