How to Draw a Sphinx For Kids

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Make two shapes, one for the head and another for the body. Add a neck line to connect the two, then add a facial guideline.


Begin sketching out the shape of the sphinx's face and head like so. Draw the band across the forehead, then move to step three.


Draw the cobra like wings that are attached to the sides of the head like so. Draw in the small embedded lines that make up the design of the statue's head.


Using the facial guidelines, draw out the eyes, then the nose and mouth. Draw the detailing on the forehead like so, then add some definition to the cheeks.


It's time to draw the body starting with the neck and chest. Draw the front legs which are in a laying down pose.


Next and lastly, draw the lining for the back as well as the arched though and foot. Add the toe lines like so, then sketch in some definition on the rocky matter. Erase your mistakes so you have something clean to color in.


Here is a cute sphinx that is ready to color in. I hope you enjoyed, and learned something new.

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November 23, 2012

Description: Another great object from the past that would make an awesome lesson to follow is "how to draw a sphinx for kids>strong>", step by step. These humongous statues can be found in places like the desert. The sphinx is a Greek mythical creature that has the head and face of a human, but the body of a lion or other animal. I do have a tutorial on a regular style sphinx if you wanted to tackle something a bit harder. But for you novice artists out there this lesson on drawing a sphinx is going to be as easy as eating pie. Well, that's about it. Have fun with this Greek statue. I will be back in no time at all with something new. Peace out folks, enjoy!

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