How to Draw a Soccer Player

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Draw a circle for the head shape of the soccer player and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw out all of the limb lines that will eventually form into a frame for you to work with so that you can draw this character with added ease.


In this step you will start sketching out the soccer players face and hair line. Since this player is in motion, you will have to draw out his hair and clothes like they were in motion as well. Don't forget to draw out the fingers.


You will sketch out the ending parts to his hair style and then start drawing out his soccer shirt. Make sure you sketch in all the wrinkles and crease lines that you would get if you were in active play. Draw out the arms and then finish off the fin   


Step four is bringing you closer to the end of your lesson. All you have to do here is sketch out the shape and lines of his shorts. Make sure you have to draw some of his stomach showing. Once the pants are sketched out you can detail them by adding   


Now since I wanted to add even more action to this player, I wanted him to be action mode kicking a soccer ball that looks like a skull. I thought that would be a good idea, but if you wind up not liking about it you can just find out there. Okay, Dr   


This is your last drawing step and all I want you to do is finish off the character as you see him here. I drew in his shins and sneakers ass well as detail the bottom of his cleats. Finish off the other sneaker and then shade in under his shirt. era   


Here is your mean looking soccer plater that I submitted a tutorial on. All you have to do now is color him up and fill in his grass. I hope you guys liked learning how to draw a soccer player step by step. I hope you guys liked how to draw a soccer    

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May 3, 2009

Description: Now that I have submitted my first two lessons, I will show you how to draw a soccer player step by step for my third tutorial of the day. This lesson was also requested by a DragoArt member a couple of days ago. Soccer is a sport that is not always played or called the same thing in different countries and cultures. In the United States the sport is called soccer and it is played by teams. Did you know that China was one of the first countries to play with a a ball on a small grassy field? It's true, China was one of the first countries recorded to having field ball games. As time went on, England adopted the sport and with it the sport became more and more popular. Instead of calling it "soccer" England calls this ball sport football. In the U.S., football is a totally different sport where as soccer is what England calls football. Over the years the United States has become more involved with soccer than any other sport out there today. Yeah sure we would all like to believe that football, and baseball are two of the most popular sports, but the fact is soccer is very addictive to young and old folks which makes it a very fun contact sport. In the game of soccer there is a lot of competitive kids, young adults and men that really take the game serious. As for girls, soccer is the most common field sport that most middle school and high school girls join. I never really got into soccer but I can tell you that my sister is now part of a soccer team that she enjoys very much. There is one famous soccer player that everyone seemed to go crazy for and that is David Beckham. I just don't know why he is so popular nowadays. Anyway, this tutorial will show you how to draw a soccer player step by step. I hope you all like him, I worked really hard to get it right. All the instructions and steps are laid out for you in a very simple way so that you will have no problems completing this task yourself. I will be back tomorrow so see you then!

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