How to Draw a Catapult

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This first step is pretty simple. All you have to do is draw a long rectangular shape that kind of resembles a wooden windmill. Next draw one vertical line and one horizontal line inside of the shape. You will then end of this step by drawing yet ano   


You will now start drawing out the arm in more shape and detail. After that is done draw a square box inside the unit and make sure it is drawn a little to the left. When drawing a catapult, the body and frame consists of straight lines because it is   


You will start connecting the lines together that you drew in previous steps to form the actual shape and design of the catapult. Start at the top and work your way down. You will detail the shapes that you draw with lines to make the pieces look lik   


This is step four and what you will be doing here is drawing the lower parts and design of the catapult. The shape and dimensions of the legs are to be drawn out so that your projectile weapon has stability and support. Once you are finished with thi   


For your last drawing step you will draw the sling for the catapult that is located at the top of the arm. Next draw four plates that are attached to the arm of the catapult as seen here. You will then draw the pulley that gives the weapon its tensio   


This is what your medieval weapon should look like when you are done. Just add some color and you have just learned how to draw a catapult step by step.

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May 3, 2009

Description: I’m back with yet another tutorial and this was actually supposed to get submitted yesterday but I totally forgot about it because it was buried with all the other stuff I drew yesterday. Anyways this lesson is going to be on a medieval weapon that was used to take down castles and large armies and walls. I will be teaching you how to draw a catapult step by step. This weapon is from the middle ages and it is classified as a projectile because it throws loaded rocks over and through masonry walls. The catapult first appeared around the forth century BC in China and during the sixth century AD in Europe. Of course this weapon holds no mental image being used in China as much as it does in Europe. This is because of all the exposure to all kinds of movies that depict our past rulers, wars and battles. The catapult is sometimes confused with the catapult. The difference between the two is simple; the catapult uses a single arm contraption which uses the principle of leverage. It is much smaller, more compact and a whole lot more accurate and faster than the catapult. This projectile was almost like a giant slingshot that kids and adults use today. There were all types of different sized catapults that were used. Some were smaller and more compact enabling these mechanisms to be used in a more swift and efficient way because they could be operated by one individual as well as pushed by one person. The person that pushes this projectile was usually the one that operates it. The larger sized catapult were the most common and it took anywhere between fifteen to forty five men to pull one of these units as well as operate it. During the middle ages everything was done and carries out on foot with the only transportation being that of a horse or boat. Other weapons that fall under the projectile category is; arrows, darts, slingshots, the catapult, and spears. Or any other objects that is propelled through the air by the exertion of a force which stops after launching. I was going to do a complex design of this weapon from the middle ages, but then I thought that it may be popular and there for I should make it simple. This tutorial will teach you how to draw a catapult step by step. I assure you, all the steps are easy to follow and the instructions are simple to read. So go ahead and tackle this weapon of pure power, and I will be back with a couple more lessons for you all. Don’t forget to rate and comment please!!

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