How To Draw a School Bus

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This first step is all about drawing out the guidelines for the school bus. Draw 6 lines that go horizontal on the page. Each one is longer and shorter than each other. Than draw four lines that run vertical on the page. In the next step you will see   


Now you can start drawing out the shape of the school bus using the guidelines that you drew back in step 1. As you can see the bus is already taking shape. Finish off this step and move onto step 3. You are almost done with this tutorial.


This is a time consuming step because you are going to be drawing out all eight windows, and two tires. You also have to sketch out the side lines that run across the bus these are typical details that mainly all buses have. Don't forget to draw the    


Here you will just be detailing the tires like the rims. Next draw out the S T O P in the sign. Detail a bit more and erase all the guidelines that you drew back in step 1.


This is what your drawing should look like when you are done. This was a fun, easy, tutorial on how to draw a school bus.

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March 8, 2008

Description: This is a tutorial on how to draw a big yellow school bus. As we all know school buses transport children and young adults to school every morning, and they are also used to transport children to field trips, day care, summer school, and summer camp. The first school bus didn’t come about until 1827, it was a horse drawn bus designed and created by George Shillibeer. He designed the bus for a Quaker school in Stock Newington, London. It was made to carry no more than 25 children at one given time. The bus became an adapted way of transporting kids to and from school. School buses serve a specific type of service in North America different from regular city buses. In the United States, the school buses are specially built, and painted. The color of the typical school bus is a yellowish orange, the color of these buses have their own name called “National school Bus Chrome Yellow”. The reason for the school bus being this bright bold color is for clear visibility for other drivers on the road, and the bus also comes with flashing red lights when children get off the bus and a big stop sign that is attached to the driver side of the bus that opens out when the bus stops and has the flashers on. American school buses usually have bus monitors that come off the bus and aid the children across the street, they also check under the bus to make sure there are no children stuck in front, behind, and under the bus. These huge vehicles do not use regular gasoline, you know like regular unleaded, instead they use diesel because they have diesel engines. A typical school bus can hold anywhere between 59-90 passengers, they also have half size versions of the bus as well that are normally used to pick up special ed students or young kindergarteners to and from school, these are called “short buses”. Bus companies include International, Genesis, Ford, Mack, and other bus building companies, familiar companies in the U.S are Ford and Mack. The average cost of a school bus ranges between 60,000 and 100,000 dollars. These buses have been around for a long while and will stick around for a long while. This tutorial will show you how to draw a school bus step by step. Have fun and don’t forget the yellow.

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