How To Draw A Predator Drone, Predator Drone

Artist: MichaelY / March 16, 2013

Step 1.

To draw a Predator Drone, let's first start by laying down some basic guide lines. Use a ruler and a 2H or harder pencil and draw very lightly so that these lines are easy to erase later on. Draw a cylinder shape for the body, with a wedge taken out    

Step 2.

Let's start on the fuselage (body) of the plane. Since the plane is a drone and does not require an on-board pilot, it does not have a cockpit. However, the front end of the plane has a hump where it stores equipment. the upper and lower portion of t   

Step 3.

Next, draw the engine at the rear end of the aircraft. It is fairly small compared to most aircraft engines. It has an air vent at the front end. We will draw the propeller in a later step.

Step 4.

Now insert the wings. Use your guide lines as a reference. The wings are very thin and very long and perfectly straight.

Step 5.

Draw the tail at the back of the drone. These, too, are rather long and very thin. Notice how there is a third fin hanging down beneath the aircraft, but it is not as long as it's counterparts.

Step 6.

The drone is covered with radar devices and other equipment. It features a large camera which hangs beneath the nose of the plane. There should be a short antenna at the tip of the nose, a few radar devices behind the hump, and small tubes underneath   

Step 7.

These drones can carry several bombs and missiles which are attached to the underside of the wings by vertical square panels. Each wing carries two small bombs hanging from the outside panel, and a missile hanging from the inside panel. The weapons s   

Step 8.

To make things more interesting, let's draw the drone in action by showing a missile being launched from the left wing. Notice how the fins at the back of the missile are larger than the ones at the front so as to help steer missile. Draw a large plu   

Step 9.

Next, draw the propeller behind the engine. These drones are propelled by a single propeller at the rear. To suggest that the propeller is spinning, simply draw a series of quick, almost sketchy lines to make it look like blurry propeller blades.

Step 10.

Now ink your image using a ruler and Micron markers, or Copic Multiliners. Erase your pencil marks with a kneaded eraser after you're done inking.

Step 11.

As a final step, shade the image with a fat marker or a brush and ink. This will add depth to the image and make it more life-like. Establish the location of your light source (in this case, it's coming from almost straight above), and shade the oppo   

Step 12.

And that's all it takes! If you need to make any corrections, you can use white ink or opaque white paint and make the corrections after the fluid has fully dried. Thanks for following along!

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Artist: MichaelY
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Description: A step by step guide on how to draw the Predator Drone, as used by the U. S. Air Force, in a comic book style.