How to Draw Dusty, Dusty Crophopper from Disney Planes

Artist: Dawn / May 13, 2013

Step 1.

Begin by drawing the shape of the cockpit for the crop duster or Dusty. Next, add the wing guidelines like so.

Step 2.

You will now take use of the guides you made in step one to begin sketching out Dusty's plane shape. Once that is done you can draw the wings in full, then move to step three.

Step 3.

Next up, draw the back end of Dusty's plane followed by the tail which is actually called the vertical, and horizontal stabilizers.

Step 4.

Here we will draw in Dusty's face. First draw out the windshield which will act as the framing for his eyes, then draw in the eyes. Next, draw the spinner which will act as his nose, followed by the smile, and all the definition and detailing lines o   

Step 5.

Lastly, draw in the landing legs and wheels which all crop dusters have. Once that is done Dusty is all finished. You can begin the cleaning process by erasing the mistakes.

Step 6.

Here is Dusty Crophopper all ready to color in. I hope you enjoyed this lesson on one of Disney's upcoming movie characters from Planes.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Disney is releasing yet another film that looks a lot like Cars. Instead of race cars, this time it will be a racing game with planes. Here is the main character or protagonist from the new upcoming movie 'Planes' who is going to be voiced by Dane Cook. We will tackle the task on "how to draw Dusty", step by step. Dusty Crophopper is what you call a crop duster that has speed and a big heart. His dream one day is to sign up and compete in an air race that goes around the world. There is one problem with Dusty's dream that he has to deal with before he can actually go at it in reality; he has to conquer his fear of heights, and figure out how he can build himself up or racing. I'm sure you know that crop dusting planes don't race so because of this his journey has to get help from a WWII vet to show him the ropes and prepare him for whats to come so he can compete in the international flight race. Drawing Dusty will be easy, but if you are new to drawing you may find some complexities along the way. Either way, you will definitely learn something new. Enjoy this lesson folks and be sure to look for Disney's Planes coming soon to a theater near you.