How to Draw a Pilot Skull


Start this first step on "how to draw a pilot skull" with a circle and then add the skulls facial guidelines as seen here.


You will now start drawing out the pilot goggles which basically look like a pair of big sunglasses. Make sure the ends over lap the skull a bit as seen here.


You will draw the inner circle shapes to add definition and depth to the goggles and then add the arched line in between the two eyes, this will be the hat line. Once the goggles are done you can start drawing out the brow of the skull and then the s   


Already on the fourth step and that means you are very close to finishing this lesson. What I want you to do next is sketch out the actual shape of the skull's head on the upper lobes and you should expose a forehead. Next draw a vertical line done t   


You will now finish off the shape of the skulls head shape which includes the cheeks and the detailing lines to define the brow. Next draw out the skeletal teeth nice and neat like you see them here. And then detail above the teeth with some definiti   


You will now draw out the shape of the lower jaw and then the side straps of the leather hat. There is going to be wings that curve upwards making a halo like crown around the pilot. You can mow move to the next step.


Sketch out the bottom row of teeth and add the detailing and definition. Draw the strap clips and then add the wide "V" like lines on the two arched lines on the sides of the pilot skull. Next detail the goggles around the lenses.


Okay this is your last drawing step and before you go any further I want you to start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. Color in the lenses of the goggles the way you see them here. When you color them in like this you    


Once you are done your pilot skull should come out looking like the one you see here. All you have to do is color him in. I hope you all liked learning "how to draw a pilot skull step by step".

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May 28, 2009

Description: The first tutorial of the day will probably not be recognized because it is an old lesson that was suppose to go up three days ago. I wanted to do another cool “skull tattoo design” and I couldn't think what I wanted to draw that was different from the norm. As I looked in my cousins tattoo book I came across a design of a flight pilot. Then it hit me, I should do a tutorial on “how to draw a pilot skull step by step”. At first I was going to draw a regular pilot hat that is commonly seen on the men and woman that fly the 747's like the United Airlines plane, but that was going to be boring. I chose to use a pilot cap that most WWII pilots wore back in the day. You know the leather like hats with the big round goggles, those were wicked. Since the war was so long ago and we just took time to celebrate our lost brothers from past wars, I figured that drawing a skull with a pilot hat would be a good way to represent the men that fought WWII by flight. I also drew and colored a gold tooth to convey the mental strength that these individuals had in order to heroically fight a war that almost took the freedom that we take for granted today. Learning "how to draw a pilot skull step by step" is probably one of the coolest things to draw along with the soldier skull I drew some time back. The soldier skull and the pilot skull are probably my two favorites because there is meaning behind the drawing. I hope you guys will have fun with this lesson, and I know that it will be easy for you to learn and draw. I will be back again so stay tuned for more fun. Peace out and happy drawing!

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